Monday, April 21, 2014

monday musings by shyloh #129

Sometimes, when I do new things, I am able to channel my inner Arabian. . .
Flared nostrils!
Creeks don't bother me though
Like when I am taken on a bareback ride to the back fields. In a pretty headstall that is not mine. With a bit I have never used before. 
It's so purdy
Haley wanted to hop on a horse real quick and I was the perfect mount because I am close to the ground. She is much braver than Allie as she rode me outside the confines of the round pen. I was a little bit like, uh, I am not used to this but I will try extra hard to be good for you, even if I am a bit scared. I did a couple quick steps a few time from being scared, but over all I was good. I really do try so hard. But with someone riding, I have to be extra careful to care care of them and it can be nerve-wracking!
I am much more relaxed here and looking quite cute, if I say so myself
Another day, Allie walked me back to the same area. You know, the back fields where I have been many times before. A new, giant pasture is up there and almost ready for horses! Allie let me roam about it because I don't bother fences and the electric wasn't on yet.

That is a lot of space for us!! I tested out the new pasture to the fullest.

First, I ran about it checking things out. 
Lots of room to stretch my legs, and I even got out a buck!
Then I rolled to make sure it was acceptable rolling ground.
Works for me!
And finally, I tasted the grass it had to offer.
Sparse, but tasty!
Also, my tail is gorgeous!
Then I made Allie chase me around because I didn't want to leave! The new pasture is Shyloh approved! Two hooves up!


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