Monday, April 14, 2014

monday musings by shyloh #128

I didn't see Allie all weekend and what does she do when she finally decided to show up?
I was a little upset that I was not visited all weekend. 
Work me! I even sweated! Apparently she got this idea from all the fit Haflingers she saw that were not me over the weekend. Rude.
See sweat? 
But, after my workout, guess who came home?
See him over there eating hay? He grew!!
I am so happy that he is home, but I suspect Jaime is even happier! And almost as good as Isaac coming home is this. . .
Grass! The grass is up!

So even though I had to do so much work I got sweaty, I also got to eat some grass! That is what makes a Haflnger most happy!



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