Sunday, June 22, 2014

change of plans

First: I have a winner for the Two Horse Tack Halter Bridle Giveaway! I used a randomizer to pick the winner. Congrats to Natalie! I posted earlier on Shyloh's Facebook page

We had our second show planned for this weekend. Shyloh and I had really been practicing our trail moves and we were ready. But it had been raining all week, so I was wondering just how I was going to keep Shy clean enough for the show.
How indeed?
The day before the show, it was cloudy and we had continuous sprinkles. Yuck. Terry was at the barn with Lily. Michele and her son Noah were there to get Meatball all ready with his new tack. Lily was helping get Shy groomed. 
Shy just loves this!
So good!
And Lily realizes the importance of picking hooves. Shy is so wonderful for her.
Shy hold her feet up with no fuss/
So much patience!
Just as we were getting ready to tolerate the sprinkles, we received a message that the show was canceled! The grounds were under water. 

Michele still tried on Meatball's new tack. An English set! How cute!
Seriously cute English pony!
The next day, me, Terry, and her sister Alison played with Reba all day. I even got to drive the big Shire for the first time. 
I also line drove her to hook her to the cart. I miss this.
After that, we worked on cleaning up Reba's feather. Dawn blue dish soap and purple shampoo worked really well. . .but some stains need more applications.
Pretty mare!

Sisters on big draft horses!
Then Terry and Alison rode Reba and Notch out back. Alison got a lot of photos that I am anxious to see for her photography business. It was a really great and beautiful, sunny day. 


  1. Minis all tacked up with mini tack is still the cutest thing ever!

    I love the differences in size with equines at your barn. Few people have the smallest and largest and everything in between to work with daily!

  2. It is fun! I love the size differences, too. And yes, minis in mini tack, adorable! I can't get enough of little Meatball. He is a good pony, but spunky, too!


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