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hump day haflinger series #23

Wendy Soucy grew up on a small horse farm where her parents raised Morgans. Growing up, she was active in Pony Club and 4-H. Upon graduating Pony Club, Wendy received an "A" rating. Wendy's primary discipline was Eventing, but she also showed Hunter, Saddle Seat, Western, and Driving. In 1980, Wendy was a member of the Area 1 NAJRC Event Team. Their team finished second, winning them the silver medal. 

In 1992, Wendy became involved in carriage driving and her Haflinger was to become the horse she was going to use. Although Wendy enjoyed starting him under harness, she enjoyed riding him more, as he was so forward and willing. And it felt good for her to be back in the saddle. 

Gorgeous Max!
Haflinger: Maximum Exposure YES or Max
Sire and Dam: Magnum RVM x Tickles US FOF
Age: 7 year old gelding
Height: 14.2 hh
Personality: Max is smart and playful.
Favorite Food: Ha, what doesn’t he like to eat. But he does love watermelon.
Likes: Other than eating, he loves to play, tearing around the paddock, annoying his pasture mate, tossing the jolly ball, and stealing the dog’s Frisbee.
Quirks: Max squeaks when he is feeling fresh before he is about to try a buck or leap. Gives her fair warning to prepare ( shh, he doesn't know that).
Discipline: Competitive Trail Riding (CTR)
Competitive Trail Riding measures the fitness of a horse or pony as they travel over a marked trail of 15 to 100 miles. Horses are examined thoroughly before, on trail and after finishing, by qualified judges and veterinarians. The events are strictly timed and penalties are given for finishing too early or too late. Horses are judged by how quickly their heart rates drop and other physical and metabolic measurements. The horses who show the highest level of physical fitness win. The goal is to condition your horse to the highest level of fitness and take care of it so that the horse completes the ride with as little stress as possible. The best part is that the training involves putting miles on the trails and roads. Wendy tries to get in 25-35 miles each week.
Stamford Stampede 2013
Awards: The real award for Wendy in competition is to have a happy trail horse, pass all vet inspections and complete the ride with a horse in good form. 2013 was her first season of Competitive Trail Rides. They successfully completed all rides entered! At the final ride of the season the vet told her they were impressed with my horses muscle tone and body condition.
  • Stamford Stampede CTR 25, Stamford, NY -6th Place
  • Brookfield CTR 30, Brookfield, NY – 8th Place
  • No Wine-ing CTR 30, Hector, NY -3rd Place
When Max was five, Wendy took him to a three day CTR clinic to see if they had what it took. That is when they both fell in love with the sport. Max successfully competed in 15 mile mock ride on the last day of the clinic, finishing in second place. This is when Wendy knew she had found their new career together. Wendy has competed in the show ring all her life and was happy to leave that behind her with the discovery of Competitive Trail Riding. 
Max playing with the frisbee!
Wendy saw her very first Haflinger at a carriage show. Then in 2005, she was asked to judge the Haflinger Classic that was held at Twin Birch Farm. Over the weekend, she fell head over heels in love with Haflingers and knew she needed to own one. She was very impressed with their temperament, versatility, and beauty. Wendy also found that the people involved with the breed where friendly and encouraging to one another. 

Wendy's goals with Max are to continue trail riding and conditioning with the hopes of competing in a 50 mile CTR. But most of all, Wendy wants to enjoy many more years of beautiful countryside through the golden ears of her Haflinger. 


  1. Can I just say that Hump Day Halflingers is one of my FAVORITE series?! I look forward to it every week :-D

  2. Agree with Tracy!

    Max really has a beautiful face!

  3. That first photo is brilliant on every level.


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