Monday, June 2, 2014

monday musings by shyloh #133

One of my most favorite things to do (besides eat and nap) is be a good pony for the kids and help them learn to ride. Lily is excelling in her riding skills. This time, instead of just going around in circles, Lily worked on steering me. 

We did some different cones patterns and turning exercises. I had fun. And I like to do other things than just walk in circles. Think about it. . .just walking in circles is like a two legger just walking on a treadmill. Boring!
Working cones
Then Tommy rode me. I gave him a little bit of a harder time. He mostly just sits, so I thought it was time he did some work up there. If he didn't tell me where to go, I went where I wanted. But he worked on stop and go and I was good for him with that.
Just riding
Next I got my real workout by Alison. We did lots of slow trotting and making me use my muscles. I feel stronger already. She really makes me think and concentrate. I like it!
My super concentrating ears, halfway between back and forward
Last Allie rode. She is getting much better and more comfortable, which makes me more comfortable. She is getting better at not letting me get away with stuff. . .still has far to go, but getting better. Allie even was okay after I spooked a bit (and broke the new rule of no cantering in the round pen, even if it was only a couple steps). I think Allie has some hope in her yet.

After all that work, I looked like this:
But at least I got to graze without my Hannibal Lector mask for a little bit! Totally worth it! 


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