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two horse tack product review: halter bridle

This halter bridle is awesome! That is all.
I like!
Two Horse Tack is home to handmade halters, bridles, harnesses, breast collars, reins, and other items. All made in the USA. They have leather, but offer beta biothane in all of their tack. I love beta biothane. It comes in many colors and it is so easy to clean. So easy. It is strong and durable and waterproof. 

I ordered a halter bridle from Two Horse Tack to test out. I had a few options with the halter bridle combo. Solid colored or mix and match colors, jewels or not, removable browband, snap or buckle bit hangers. Decisions decisions. I opted for the Quick Change Halter Bridle (snap on browband) with the two color combo

At the order screen, you can choose an overlay and a base color. I almost went with pink but stuck with blue. Although I wish they had more of a teal, I really really like the blue. Then I had to choose a size. So many sizes. . .mini, small pony, large pony, Arab, cob, horse, Warmblood/TB, and draft. And if none of those sizes are what you are looking for, you can get it custom. How awesome is that?

Shyloh is a hard horse to fit so I teetered between large pony and cob. I went with cob (pony denial) and it was a perfect fit for her. Next choice was hardware, stainless steel or brass. I opted for the base hardware: stainless steel. Next up was a rein choice; none, Western split, English, trail or barrel reins. I chose none, but I was sent English reins with the buckle. Awesome! 

Still not done with the choices, if you chose reins, you can chose which style of fastener you want at the bit end. . . Conway buckles, roller buckles, or two different finishes of snaps. The final choice was a breast collar, English or Western. I did not chose a breastcollar, although I do wish I would have!

My halter bridle arrived about two days later! That was quick! I tore open the package to inspect it. The blue was very pretty. The construction was nice and sturdy, like it will hold up to a lot. The beta biothane was nice and the hardware seemed very durable.

The next day, I was at the barn and got out my model. She was beyond thrilled. . .
Halter option
With the browband
Bridle option
The halter bridle fit her great! I tried it out in all the different options, as a halter, as a halter with a browband, and as a bridle. 

I thought snaps would be better than buckles for attaching the bit, but after doing it up twice, it was simple and no big deal. There are other halter bridle options that have the snaps available. And the Conway buckles. I hate hate hate Conway buckles. A lot of driving stuff uses that type of buckle. But, to be fair, I was sent the reins. If I ordered them, I would have picked a different fastener. And when I get a bit for that halter bridle specifically, I won't have to worry about those buckles anymore. Conway buckles are just a personal issue. 

Now it was time to put it to the test. Everyone got a turn!
Alison approves
Lily approves
Tommy approves
Between the kids riding her and the adults, we stopped for a lunch break. I loosened Shy's girth and took out her bit so she could graze a minute. So easy and no removal of the bridle to put on a halter. No fuss. It was great! When it was time to get back to work, it was so simple to buckle the bit right back on the sides. 

The reins were nice, too. They were grippy and felt good in my hands. The kids were able to hold on to them and the buckle in the middle helped them find the center (the other reins I use don'd have a center buckle). 
I approve! And so does Shyloh!
I love this product! Once I get to going out on the trails, this halter bridle will be awesome. I am very impressed with Two Horse Tack! I am thinking about getting the matching breastcollar and the curb chain

Since I love this product so much, I will be doing a giveaway of a halter bridle next week! Stay tuned!


  1. I'm curious - why unbuckle the bit rather than unsnapping the bridle-part from the halter, or am I misreading?
    I've heard lots of good things about Two Horse Tack lately...

    1. Duh. . .totally didn't think about that. I've never used one of these before and the only other one that I am familiar with had a permanent brow band and snaps for the bit pieces. But, duh, on my part!

  2. What a fabulous idea. I would have loved having one for trail riding. Having a halter under a bridle is ugly and bulky. And, my pet peeve is seeing people tie horses up with their bridles. The color looks great on Shy!

    1. I agree, I do not like the halter under the bridle, but I do it. Sometimes it is easier and necessary. But with this, no more! :)

  3. How cool! I've never heard of a halter-bridle. How smart for trails!

  4. My friend had an aussie style halter/bridle that was just a halter with a brow band with clips on the cheek piece that lined up with the bit. It was really cool. Clip on reins too. This style looks neat as well:)

  5. That bright blue looks great on her! Love biothane tack! :)

    1. Me too! It is used a lot in driving. And I think a lot of endurance riders use it too, right?

    2. Oh yes! Since it slides across sweaty skin it's less likely to chafe, and it is just so much easier to clean and take care of, especially when you're out riding in all sorts of weather. It was my tack material of choice even back when I lived in PR and FL - a couple of days unused in the tack room and leather tack would get so moldy so quickly from the humidity! Biothane was a godsend.


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