Saturday, June 21, 2014

pony the pony

At the last minute yesterday, we decided to take the horses on a walk down the road. Terry was on Reba, Kyle on Clutch, and Jaime was driving Dexter. I had planned on working with Shyloh in the round pen, but Jaime convinced me to pony her along for the ride. Okay. . .
Ready to go!
Terry started out ponying Shy, but Shy kept walking in front of Reba and turning and then before we knew it Terry and Reba were in a ditch and it was just a mess.
Getting ready to go.
No size difference at all. . .
So I took her and ponied her along the cart. I thought Shy would hate it, because she has really grown to hate all things cart, but she was perfect. Millions of cars passed us, semi trucks, motorcycles, we were passing next to ditches and mailboxes, other horses running in their pasture, and even people on bicycles. Terry almost backed Reba into a kid on the bike. I think Terry forgets Reba sticks out another five feet behind her. :)
Good pony
Shy stayed in a good position next to the cart and trotted when Dexter trotted. She was relaxed for the whole trip. Shy was looking around at all the sights (mostly farms) but kept and ear on me. I really think she likes going out on adventures like this. 
Twas a sunset ride/drive
It was a nice relaxing trip. Once we got back, I hopped out of the cart to tie Shy to the hitching post. When I turned her around, her back end brushed the cart and she jumped forward. What the hell, horse? We just spent the last hour with the cart!
Pony Pizzas for good ponies!
Shy was so perfect on the road. I really just need to grow a set to get out there on her!

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  1. I love the size difference photo. And go Shy for being so awesome!

  2. I never realize how small she is until she is next to a giant!


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