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hump day haflinger series #11

The Heuerman family has always been great fans of Haflingers. They are a great clan of Becky Hall, her mom and dad, and her five nieces and nephews. If there ever was any doubt about how great Haflingers were with kids or whether they made a family horse or not, just see what this family does with their ponies. 
Becky and Alliecat, Fulton County Fair 2012
Becky can’t say enough about what a great family friendly breed Haflingers are.  She grew up with Appaloosas and Quarter Horses, but now will never consider anything other than Haffies for her family.  They are so smart and challenge every level of handler.  They aren't always the best option for everyone though as they crave structure and rules and will test you if you don’t understand them.  They will also come up with their own ideas of “work” if you don’t provide it for them.  Any age range can connect with the breed because of their versatility.  They can do anything you ask them to from the youngest of kids doing their first riding class to grandparents doing a Jack Benny cart class. Haflingers really show their pride and connect with their humans.
Kids and ponies!
More kids on ponies!
The kids have been around the horses from the day they were born.  Maddie started showing at 5, Cody at 3 or 4, Megan and Tyler (twin sisters) when they were 2, and Dylan when he was 1.  They all started showing in the Lead Line division at our local show and are all growing into very competent, kind horse people. Becky does a great job of being an aunt and encouraging the kids to help get their horses ready for all the shows and events that they do. The kids are all well behaved and know seem to realize the responsibility of owning a pony. They are really great kids with some equally great horses.

Haflinger: Burt, Haflinger/Welsh cross
Age: 19 year old gelding
Height: 51.5 inches
Favorite Food: Peppermints
Personality: Abercrombie is a laid-back, smart, and playful horse. When he is giving lessons to kids he tends to be more slow and relaxed, but when Emilie rides he unleashes his energy!
Likes: Burt loves kids and is distant from adults. Burt’s favorite things to do are leisurely rides through the orchard with Cody as well as just hang out with his kids.
Cody and Burt
Discipline: Mainly a lead line pony in the youth division at shows.
  •  1st place at the 2012 GLHA (Great Lakes Haflinger Association) show in the Youth Pleasure Driving class
  • Won several awards at the 2013 Henry County Fair in Napoleon Ohio with Cody
Dylan and Burt. . .matching tongues!
Burt is the starter pony for all the kids in the family. Santa delivered Burt to the family 11 years ago. He know how to ride and drive but due to a past cart accident and him getting very stressed out while in harness he is semi-retired to a riding only pony. Burt competes in classes like showmanship, walk trot and lead line, trail in hand, and ridden trail.  He has also been shown at the GLHA show the last two years in the draft pony classes. Burt is owned by Cody Heuerman (12 years old) and is shared with Cody’s younger cousin Dylan Heuerman (3 years old). He loves to catch the kids off guard to initiate them into the Burt club…..steps on their foot when he has decided he will let them keep hanging around him.  He always makes you smile when you need it the most.  If you are having a bad day he always does something silly to change your mood. 
Cody Line Driving Burt through an obstacle course
Dylan and Burt, GLHA

Haflinger: Alliecat
Age: 8 year old unregistered mare
Height: 53.5 inches
Alliecat and Maddie at Fair in 2009
Favorite Food: Sour Patch Kids and donuts
Personality: Alpha mare, she has to go outside by herself because she likes her space.
Likes: Her favorite thing to do is being driven in the cart.  

Allecat with Maddie on the lines
Discipline: Pleasure Driving
  • 1st place at the 2013 GLHA Show in the Youth Pleasure Driving class with Maddie 
  • 1st place Team Pleasure Driving at the 2013 GLHA Show in the Youth Pleasure Driving class with Maddie 
  • Daily High Point Lead Line exhibitors twice for the 2013 Northwest Ohio Driving Circuit (NWODC) with Tyler
  • High Point Lead Line exhibitor for the NWODC 2013 year end awards with Tyler
  • 1st place in Jack Benny Class (age of horse and driver had to be more than 55) in 2012 with Grandma Heuerman and 2013 with Grandpa Heuerman
Maddie and Alliecat
Alliecat is a great pony and Becky would take 20 of her in a heartbeat. She came to the family in 2008 with an unknown history. She rides and drives both single and double.  She is shown pleasure driving and knows her job well.  She is shown by Maddie Heuerman (13 years old) in the Pleasure Driving division and Tyler Heuerman (7 years old) in the Lead Line division.  Maddie shows Alliecat locally at the Northwest Ohio Driving Circuit shows as well as through 4-H at the Henry County Fair in Napoleon Ohio. As shown by the variety of drivers in the family (Grandma and Grandpa were first time drivers), she adjusts easily to whoever is working her.  She challenges them in a way that allows them to grow in their skills.  She has taught their family so much and is so patient with all of them. She gets them as occasional treats but due to her history of foundering they are very cautious of her diet.  Alliecat does drive team and is very tolerant of it but prefers to be alone in the cart.
Tyler riding Alliecat, Maddie leading at GLHA
Haflinger: Jasmine or Jasi or Stinky
Age: 5 year old unregistered mare
Height: 56.5 inches
Baby Stinky!
Favorite Food: Gatorade (she will tip her bottom lip out for you to pour it on her mouth)
Personality: Jasmine is a tomboy and likes to be a stinky pig (hence the nickname). She is known to lay down at the trailer around 3:30 every show for a nap…’s hard work being a show pony.
Likes: Smiling for treats
Becky and Jasmine at Williams County Fair in 2012
Discipline: Draft Driving 
  • Reserve Champion Halter Mare in 2013 for the NWODC
  • High Point Lead Line exhibitor at one of the NWODC shows in 2013 with Megan
  • 3rd place in the Lead Line Division for 2013 NWODC
Jasmine and Megan
Jasmine came to the Heuerman family at 4 months old and has been raised by the family.  She drives single and double and is broke to ride…just needs finishing.  Cody has been the one to break her to ride and is determined to be the one to finish her.  She is shown by Becky and Megan Heuerman (7 years old).  Jasmine is shown in classes ranging from halter, showmanship, trail in hand, ridden trail with Megan, lead line, and cart classes. Maddie also took her as a secondary 4-H project to the Henry County Fair in Napoleon Ohio. .  Jasmine loves to work and was born that way.  Even when she was little she was curious about the cart and wanted to be a part of it.  We started breaking her to line drive when she was six months old because she wanted the challenge.  She doesn’t seem to have one thing she prefers she just likes to be part of whatever is going on and gets very upset when not included.
Megan on Jasmine with Becky leading at GLHA
Haflinger: Marino MCHF or Freckles
Age: 5 year old registered gelding
Height: 57.5 inches
Favorite Food: Gatorade (she will tip her bottom lip out for you to pour it on her mouth)
Personality: Freckles is a laid back dude and a ginormous flirt.
Likes: Flapping his lip against his tongue when he gets bored.
Cody and Freckles
Discipline: Draft Driving 
Freckles joined the Heuerman family in October of 2013 from the AHR (American Haflinger Registry) Fall Sale.  He was bred and raised by family friends Carl and Binnie Ann Masters.  I grew up showing light horses with their daughters Amy and Ann and Binnie Ann was my judging coach.  Freckles is broke to drive single and double and does have some saddle time but does need finished.  Becky will be taking that task on once spring arrives.  Freckles was purchased for Cody as his next project.  It is going to be really fun to see the two of them develop into a team this year. . .Cody better beware though because cousin Megan is claiming Freckles as her second pony!
Freckles in the snow!
All the kids have some excellent goals that they want to meet this year with their Haflingers. Cody wants to start learning how to drive a four up (that's four horses at once and he is only 12!)….now it’s a matter of finding someone to give him those lessons.  Cody would also like to finish Jasmine so his younger cousins have a safe riding pony. Maddie wants to try and qualify for State Fair with Alliecat and keep learning how to drive team. Megan’s goal is to make Jasmine work hard so she can start riding by herself more. Megan also wants to win a High Point director’s chair (which is the high point prize for the NWODC shows).  Tyler’s goal is to keep learning how to ride Alliecat by herself and try to win another high point director’s chair.  Dylan’s goal is to be able to show Burt in Trail In Hand all by himself. 
Megan and her director's chair for 2013
Burt and Megan in a costume class in 2011
The whole Heuerman family at Orchard Trail Farm is looking forward to a great year of enjoying our Haflingers! I am looking forward to seeing the kids and Becky show at our shows and county fairs again this summer. They are a great bunch to hang out with and a ton of fun!
Maddie and Alliecat at their first fair


  1. I must show this post to my husband to reassure him that it's possible to have multiple Haffies. Just in case there was any doubt...

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