Monday, March 31, 2014

monday musings by shyloh #126

You know what is better than a nap?
ah. . .the life!
A nap in a bed of hay, under the sun, with your favorite minions, with leftover hay still in our mouth.
Yeah, nothing is better than that!
Clutch and Notch nap time
Reba nap time
You know what is not so fun? Getting woke up from my most awesome in the hay, under the sun, minion loving, hay tasting nap to go for a super short bareback jaunt.



  1. Shy, I'm sorry your nap was interrupted, but I'm glad you had a nice ride with your mum!

  2. Your nap does sound amazing. I'd almost forgotten what warm sun feels like! Hope you had a nice bareback jaunt with you mom even if it was short. :)

  3. I struggle with weather or not to wake my horse up when she's napping and I want to ride. Most of the time I let her sleep because she is so hard to make get up.


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