Friday, March 28, 2014

indiana haflinger sale preview

I took the day off of work and traveled over to Indiana to check out the Spring Haflinger Sale that is held every year. I had never been to this sale, but Friday there is a tack sale/auction, a fun show, and a drill team performance. 

I picked up Beth and Haley on the way west and we headed to see the Haflingers! The tack sale was a bit disappointing, as they had practically no vendors and we did not stay for the auction. Instead we took a short trip to Shipshewana Harness to check out their store. They are at a ton of shows and we always talk to Bob the owner, but it was cool to see the store and all the driving stuff they have inside. Bob was there and has such a vast amount of knowledge he is willing to share with his customers that it is always educational to talk to him.

But on to the Haflingers!
Baby! He was curious, but scared. And so cute!
This funny guy kept curling his lip when he was being brushed.
Forelock envy
This baby was a month old. He was so cute and fuzzy!
Me (Allison) and stallion Allison of the Valley.
Allison of the Valley, he was very handsome!
This filly is a sister to one of Haley's horses, whom she bought three years ago at this auction. Her name is Butterfingers.
Driving part of the fun show, we got to see the horses that are for sale driving, riding, and in hand.
This horse went up in the cart, then came down and fell. When it was falling, a shaft broke. Luckily, the horse remained calm and stayed down, but the driver got out to keep the horse down to others could unhook and remove the cart. The audience and other horses in the arena were very calm about the situation. It was scary, but handled well and the horse was unharmed and fine. 
A team hitch
This was Nieman Marcus II. I like how he parked out. 
It was a fun day. I talked with a couple Haflinger people, got to see a bunch of Haflingers, and hang out with Beth and Haley. Kinda wish I could have taken a Haflinger home though. . .perhaps Allison of the Valley?

Also, I totally, unintentionally made a stallion ejaculate by scratching his head. It was unexpected and gross. 


  1. Loving the post, till the last part, ewwwwww is right. I have to make it to the Ohio sale, maybe this year?

  2. Oooh, next time you go, could you please find me Paddy's twin brother and send him to me Fedex? My husband is trying to steal Paddy... I think he needs a Haffie of his very own!

  3. Those babies are so cute! and ewwwww to the last part!

  4. Those baby Haffies are just too adorable!

  5. I had fun things to add to babies and the cart wreck incident and more cooing about babies...and then I read your last sentence and burst out laughing.

    1. It was not something I have ever seen, nor do I wish to see again, Although, it makes for some great jokes now!


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