Wednesday, March 26, 2014

hump day haflinger series #12

Walnut Ridge Farms is home to some of the Haflingers that participate in the Ridden and Driven Drill Team at Equine Affaire. If you have seen it, you know that it is pretty amazing! It is pretty much my favorite part of going to Equine Affaire. And since Equine Affaire is a mere 15 days away, today, I am highlighting the fantastic Haflingers of the drill team!

A drill team is a group of ridden or driven horses that have choreographed their maneuvers to music. The riders and drivers spend a lot of time practicing and learning the routine. They must have the pattern memorized and be in exact synchronization with the rest of the team.

The ridden drill team, called the Frontier Riders Drill Team, has:
Like A Charm KCH, a 14 year old mare
Gabby RVM, a 7 year old mare
All American Ladd, a 10 year old gelding
The other seven Haflingers that are part of this team are owned by Walnut Ridge Farm's Amish friends. 

Performances (ridden):
  • 2013 Fantasia at Equine Affair in Ohio
  • AHR's Spring Sale
  • Various other venues

The driven drill team, called the OHA Driven Drill Team, has:
Noble B S-SN, 16 year old gelding
Mackinac RM, 16 year old gelding
Augusta ABE, 9 year old gelding
All American Ladd, a 10 year old gelding
The other six Haflingers are owned by other Ohio Haflinger Association members.

Performances (driven):
  • 2008 Fantasia at Equine Affair in Ohio
  • 2012 Fantasia at Equine Affair in Ohio and Massachusetts

Walnut Ridge Farms became involved with the ridden drill team when Betty Miller asked the farm if they wanted to participate. She puts together a variety of drill teams, some with Haflingers and some without. Of course, the farm said YES! and they worked out a plan to start practicing. Lou Sutton (of Walnut Ridge Farms) and Andrew Yoder are the organizers of the driven drill team. Betty participates in the driven drill team and runs the ridden drill team.

The people and horses got together for a total of ten practices that were two hours each. They had to trailer the horses two hours away to Windy Hill Farm in Millersburg, OH to practice the choreography with the other drill team members. 

All the work and travel was totally worth it! They have a ton of fun and always look forward to the next time the drill team is back together. The drill team will also be at the Haflinger and Draft Pony Sale in Indiana this weekend. 

It is very cool to see the drill teams perform in person. The precision of the horses and people working together is a sight to see. A couple of the Haflingers that participate in the drill team will also have their own highlight, because they are that awesome.


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