Monday, March 3, 2014

monday musings by shyloh #123

Minion chucking: The art of grabbing a minion by the neck scruff or a back leg and trying to toss it as far as you can.
Like so. . .
I have perfected the art of minion chucking. Even better, I have perfected the art of not being caught on camera while chucking minions. Allie has been trying to catch me, but I know better. And I do not want Minion Protective Services being called on me!

Always right behind me!
Dexter is my permanent shadow. No matter how many times I chuck him away, he keeps coming back for more! He is always following me around. Why won't he hang out with a minion his own size, like Meatball?

Other animals that have been bothering me lately. . .

This emu. Pecked at my nose, twice! Why emu, why? I didn't do anything to you. But I didn't let that emu attack bother me, I stood my ground.

And aren't these alpacas cute? They all watched from afar as I was a super star horse at our away lesson. After the lesson, I got to meet them up close and personal. 

I still win hands down cutest of them all!

We all did running in the snow, too!


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