Friday, March 21, 2014

spring is in the air!

I have a very sassy, springy pony! 
What other smells are in that fresh, spring air?
After being stuck in traffic for 2 hours trying to get down to the barn tonight, Shy was less than snuggly. In fact, she was down right trying to avoid me!

I took the shedding blade to her and gave her a good grooming. I expected her to be much muddier since Jaime sent me this video during the week. Quality isn't great, but you can kind of see Shy zooming about.

But, Shy was relatively mud free. This pony has the ability to stay so clean! I love it! And I may be bragging just a little. . . She has no qualms about walking through mud or puddles, but she won't lay or roll in them. Good pony.

After that, I took miss sassafrass for a walk in the back fields. We hadn't been back there in a while and I want to get Shy comfortable before we start riding back there. She was totally fine and was still trying to find soybeans. Her and those beans!
Digging for beans
It was nice to walk in fresh mud so I could see Shy's hoof prints. She was tracking up really nice, back prints right in the front prints. Now that bitter cold, snow, and wind are gone, we battle the mud. 

I took Shy to the round pen and made her move around. She was being so sassy! I didn't have my lunge whip, so I used a branch (well, more of a twig, it was shorter than my forearm) and Shy started moving out. . .and tossing that head.

I had no purpose to making her lunge for a few minutes, just to get her to move, but not too fast because the ground was wet. Then we just hung out and did nothing. I didn't want to ride because I tweaked my neck sleeping funny, but I am hoping to ride this weekend. 


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