Friday, March 14, 2014

what's in a name blog hop

Another fun Blog Hop from L. Williams at Viva Carlos!

What is the story behind your blogname/url?

I started this blog when I made the decision to buy Shyloh in 2011. I didn't own her yet and she didn't have a name, so the URL is Adventures with a Horse at Blogspot. I had plenty of grand adventures planned for us, I mean, with the Haflinger I was leasing we did some fun things. Shy had other plans. . .

There was a issue with a lost Coggins, where I could not bring her to the barn until I had it back, so it took a few weeks to actually get Shy. And she still didn't have a name. 

I tossed around a bunch of names for her, but none seemed right. I tried serious names, silly names, classic names. Nope. I actually called her the horse with no name for a while. . .
Shy's look. . .and that chewed up mane. Yuck!
But I eventually gave her a name that fit her. Not that it matters much, she rarely responds to her name, although she is getting better. Some times she will even look up when I call her. 

Even though we have not had the kind of adventures that I thought we would be having, we have had some adventures, from accepting her head being touched to driving and showing and now on to riding (hopefully trails soon!). 

I think the more generic title can keep the blog going if I get more Haflingers, too. :) Not all that interesting, but that is my story and I'm sticking to it.
ALL the Haflingers!


  1. It's still a good story. :) And really having horses is an adventure all in itself no other destinations required!


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