Monday, April 2, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #31

One of my most favorite things to do in the world is mess with Allie. Like when I am in the pasture with my friends, looking for grass, and Allie calls for me and I totally ignore her. Then, I look up, feign surprise that she is there and start running. She thinks I am running to her and I can tell she is getting all giddy. But then I stop at the mud pit and go back to ignoring her. Hey, if she wants me, we BOTH are gonna have to walk through mud.

My very newest shock to Allie is. . .ready for it. . .prepare yourself. . . 
Frankentack! Dressage saddle, dressge reins, western bridle. 
I love dressage! I am a dressage pony for reals! Big surprise to her, cause she wanted a trail horse. I can still do that, though. I will just be doing it better!

Starwars TOF(click to watch a video), watch out. . .here comes Shyloh, dressage pony extraordinaire! 

Take a look at my first step into the dressage world!
I was thinking and just having so much fun, that even though I was tired from using muscles I don't usually use, I still wanted to do more work! When I got done, I did something I never do. . .I loved on Beth and gave Allie green slobber kisses and rubbed all over her. I never do that!

 I like how I am working and really using my brain at the same time. I am such a smart and beautiful Haflinger. I hope we get to keep doing this dressage stuff!



  1. Oh Shyloh, you look great. I believe dressage basics help any discipline. My friend barrel races and uses it, I jump and use it. Glad your enjoying yourself.

  2. Shy is such a cutie! I'm glad things are going well!

  3. Looking good in the dressage saddle Shy! Now if only Allison would find you a proper bridle : P You look like a Wessage horse : P


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