Tuesday, May 27, 2014

first show this year

What a weekend! We had our first show with the Northwest Ohio Driving Circuit (in which my horse no longer drives) and I think it was quite successful. I was so busy on show day I took a grand total of three photos, so I am borrowing photos that friends took. 

We loaded up the horses (seven total, plus three carts, four harness sets, five saddles, and a plethora of other necessary tack) and ended up taking two trailers and three trucks. No joke. We go big or go home. 
We left slightly behind schedule, but not as late a usual so we got to the show with time to spare to get horses ready and decorated for halter classes. While me and Shyloh didn't place in halter or showmanship, Shy and Lily got a fourth place! Even Shy's smile at the judge when we were setting up didn't seem to help our chances. Noah showed Meatball for the in-hand classes and got second place in showmanship! And Isaac took home a third in halter.

While we were waiting for the other participants to finish their patterns in showmanship, we could hear Tommy from the stands asking if it was his turn with Cwutch yet. So cute.

For in-hand trail, me and Shy had the best class we ever had. Shy performed every obstacle perfectly. I felt great coming out of that class and we placed second! Beth and Rambo took first place. 

While Shy did great with me, she gave Lily a little bit of trouble for her trail-in hand class. Now we know what we need to practice. 
For this show, I bit the bullet and did the riding class. I mounted Shy near the trailer and she gave me so much hell when I tried to get her to walk away. I almost gave up, but Beth walked me through it and got us to the ring. Once Shy saw Clutch in the ring, I had no more problems from her, my frustrating buddy sour horse. Shy was great during the class, it was walk/trot, but we only walked it since we haven't been working on trot and I wasn't comfortable with it in such a large arena. 

After we did the reverse, Shy thought it appropriate to stop right in front of the stands, spread her back legs, and pee. And not just any old pee, a five minute long pee that was gallons and gallons and gallons. Right in front for everyone to see and comment on. I kept saying, is she done yet and the unanimous response was nope, each time. Classy, Shy. 

Shy did great and even kept her composure when another rider got bucked off from a wasp that was bugging the horse. Luckily, the rider seemed okay and got back on. My only complaint from that class was that she kept playing with her bit and trying to eat the shanks when we were lined up. 

Lily was up next for lead line riding on Shy. And since Shy did so well during the riding class, I decided to sign up for the ridden trail class, just to see. . . Shy took all the obstacles very easily. We veered from the pattern on purpose (I let the judge know), but we did walk over the bridge and do a couple of the other obstacles. 

For the last lead line class, Lily rode Shy through the trail course. I held the lead line loose, and Lily worked her through each obstacle on her own. I only had to interfere once during the back up when Shy was crooked and I just scooted her rear end over. And they took first place! 

Our classes where over, since we weren't driving, but Terry was driving Reba in her first classes and Notch was being driven by Sierra. Sierra took a couple ribbons with Notch and Terry got a first and second place with Reba for driving. 

It was a really fun and busy show. Hidden Creek Draft Horses did well as a team. And I know what I really want to work on with Shy, trot and trail. I think we can do well! And Tommy said that maybe he will get some wibbons next time. 


  1. Sounds like fun! even with Shy's pee break, lol! :)

    1. That was the comic relief of that class after the other lady getting bucked off.

  2. Shy looks so classy in her show gear! Congrats on what sounds like a really successful day for everyone!

  3. Yay, sounds like a successful show, even if detoured by a bit of urination. ;)

  4. Wibbons are wonderful!
    Shy looks gorgeous. She is so shiny - your bath worked wonders!

  5. Trax pees in the middle of every show ring he has ever been in...does that make you feel better? LOL

  6. How exciting! I love hearing about horse show successes.

  7. Allison, you and that horse look so good together.

  8. What a great show!!! Congrats!! The peeing made me laugh too and I love the photo with all of them lined up. The draft horses make Shy look so tiny. She's so cute!!!

  9. Looks like it was a great day for everyone (except maybe Tommy if he didn't get any wibbons)
    Did Shy add some percussion to her mammoth pee? By which I mean did she let rip a string of farts as well? That is truly the worst when you're standing in front of a crowd...

    1. No percussion, thankfully! Glad we are a small group and all very friendly!

  10. You look great together! I can't imagine what I would do with the peeing incident, though Connor does the same sometimes - his pees are so much longer than the other horses in the barn! Way to handle it as gracefully as possible.


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