Monday, April 9, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #32

Oh the wind! It was blowing hard today and making lots of noises. So it made me extra booty-scooty when Beth was riding me. You do know that the wind brings in mountain lions, don't you? Cause it does! Unless I am outside eating grass with my herd, then the wind which brings mountain lions is not so scary. Actually, it doesn't bother me at all in that situation. . .safety in numbers, right?
My mane is a-blowing away!
But why oh why do I have to be ridden at all? Can't I just be a wild horse? I guess I know that the answer to that is no, so I have to come up with creative ways to try and get out of work when I would rather be doing other things, like eating. 
Where are you grass?
My newest thing is to go behind the bit. I lower my head all nice like I am supposed to, then I lower it even further. Haha! But that Beth is real smart and makes me trot or walk or do something so I can't do it anymore. Gotta think of something new. 

I also memorized every place in the arena that Beth asks me to go into a trot or canter, so I am prepared for it. Beth tries to change it up, but really, there are only so many places that she can ask. So we got to go outside for something new! Super windy, but I was real good! So good (and tired) that Allie even got on me! Not for long and only for a few steps, but that is a start. Like I said, it was real windy and she must have been worried about those mountain lions, too.

Here is the highlight reel of my ride!



  1. What do I think? Pretty! Shy is looking great!

  2. Oh Shyloh, you are better at typing with your hooves than I am with my fingers (and opposable thumb)! lol
    It was sooo windy yesterday, check your crevasses for sand! :)

  3. Wow, your canter is coming along great. I'm impressed at how calm you were out where the Saber Tooths are too.


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