Monday, May 14, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #37

Imagine this. . .

You are a pretty little pony trying to get your beauty rest. Then, in the middle of your slumber the barn light flashes on and you hear your Allie. You scramble up from the floor of your stall and there she is. Whoa! It is early!

But you quickly get over that cause now you have a flake of yummy hay. Allie is bustling about the barn. And before you know it, you have a halter on and you are walking down the driveway and getting into a trailer. Hey. . .wait just a minute here, there is still hay left to eat!

In steps grumpy pony with one mission for the day: Make Allie miserable!
Mare on a mission!
I was a good pony at the show, I really was. But I was also hungry and sleepy. Allie made me go everywhere with her. There was a ton of horses, even more people, and fresh green grass. Naturally, I tried to eat the grass.

My day went something like this:
Flippy lip
Pull on Allie as hard as I could to try and get grass. Get a nibble before getting yanked back up. Try again. Get yelled at. Lip Allie and make her think I am gonna bite. Get my face pushed away. Do the flippy lip. Get told to stop. Spray snot all over Allie. Gross her out. Try to get more grass. Get a chain put under my chin. Chain does not really stop me. Try and get more grass. Get yanked back up. Bite the chain and rip it out of Allie's hand. As she fumbles for the lead line, dive down for more grass. Get yanked back up. Get yelled at.
Why bag, why?
Take a break from shenanigans for lunch! Oh my gosh. . .Allie brought the hay bag. Sad face. So I banged the hay bag on the trailer for a while, then scooted myself over to share hay with Notch. His hay was much easier to get out. Then Allie tied me closer to the trailer, so I started digging at the ground. And then  dumped my water bucket. And knocked over Jaime's grooming box. And kicked the trailer license plate and bent it. That will get her. . . 
Bored me getting into everything within reach!
After lunch, I promptly got back to my mission. I started digging holes to China with my front hooves. Get yelled at. Got told to go ahead, keep digging to China, the people there will eat me. Flippy lip response. Get ignored. Dig more holes. Lip Allie's legs, get popped in the nose. Dive for more grass, don't get any. Hey, what's that? A pine tree? Try to eat it. Not that tasty. Spray snot in disgust. Try the pine tree again. No thanks, spray more snot on Allie. Dig. Lip. Dive for grass again. Success and a yank. Rip lead rope out of Allie's hands. Dive again. Repeat multiple times.
After two attempts, I do not recommend pine tree.
I could feel Allie's frustration. Then she took me for a walk. We went on a real trail! In the woods! It was fun until we got in pretty deep and the mosquitoes attacked! I was a-dancing with all legs kicking up under me to ward off the attack. On the way back, we got to jump over a big downed log! Also, I was not too sure of Allie's intentions of taking me so deep into the woods, so I called out a few times to let the other horses know where I was and that I was still alive. Just in case Allie had malicious intents in the woods.
Real trail walk!
I made it out alive and now I needed a nap! 
Mission: Annoynace makes for a sleepy Haffie!
While we were watching Jaime and Notch, Kyle and Clutch do their cart classes, I stayed strong with my mission of annoyance. I was really getting to Allie, I could tell! I think we were all a little tired. It was a long day. . .
Let's go already! Or let me eat grass!



  1. Geesh, what did Allie expect? I mean, really, if the two-legged beasts are gonna upset our routine you should expect us to behave.... uh, differently!
    My favorite trick when tied to the trailer is to see if I can put both feet on the fender over the wheel so I can stand up really tall and see everything around me! - Pippin

  2. Replies
    1. We did. We got there at 8:30 am and didn't leave until after 10pm!

  3. I am cracking up over shy's version of events, but can't wait to hear Allie's thoughts about showing:) Hope it was fun and girl, I totally understand you on just how exhausting it can be.
    Amy and Norm in Ohio
    P.s. we made it in the equine journal this month, check us out in the Ohio haflinger association section!

    1. Awesome!!! What journal is it? I definitely want to check it out :)

  4. Shy, your mane looks so long and beautiful! Your physique also looks excellent! I know diets are no fun, but it's working!

    1. Thanks!! Some of the other Haffies there had manes almost to the ground! So pretty!

  5. Your saga makes me very thankful that Dad made Mom promise no horse shows before getting into horses. Isn't it annoying when they don't appreciate our need for grass? My Mom thwacks me under the chin with a short crop for heavens sake. Though sadly it does work! If she has the crop I think twice before diving! Glad you guys had some down time on the trail.

    1. I was so against showing when I got Shy. But this circuit is fun and I don't feel any pressure. I really need to get this diving under control!

  6. LOL malicious intents in the woods hahahaha!!!! Shy, you can be such a brat lol!


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