Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the show

Sunday was a long, long day. I was at the barn at 5:30 am, waking up horses and I didn't get back to our barn until 10:30 pm. Whew! We did not take home any ribbons, but it was an experience! I guess this was the biggest turn out that this show has ever had. Aside from constantly annoying me, Shyloh was good. 

For our first class, we did halter. We borrowed a white halter, put ribbons in Shy's mane and tail and went on our merry way. Let's just say that when the judge says to you "Wow, you should have seen the look in her eye when you did that, what a sassy horse," you are in trouble. Shy was not impressed with me trying to square her feet for that class. Strangely enough, when we were not being judged, Shy was able to park her self out very nicely, all on her own. That was the theme of the day. . .when we are not being judged. . .
Show Halter Shy!
So, no placing for halter class. But Jaime got first with Notch! 
Winner winner, chicken dinner!
Next we did trail in hand. Disaster! I was really disappointed in Shy because we had done everything in the pattern before, except for the bridge. We had to start at the trot and trot over poles. As we began to trot and came upon the first poles, Shy stopped and was like what is that and when did it jump out in front of me? Ugh. Why was she acting like she has never trotted over a pole before? After that, we had to back in a U-shape within the poles. Once again, Shy acted like she has never back up before in her life. Argh! We have done this before, multiple times! Things were decent for the next few obstacles until we got to the bridge. Shy put her two front feet on that bridge and stopped. And refused to get on it any more. She did everything in her power to not step on the bridge, including jumping over it. That's fine, we never did a bridge before. 

However, after the trail class was over, I asked to practice on the bridge. Why would Shy have no problem getting on the bridge, standing on the bridge, backing up on the bridge, and even turning on the bridge. Seriously mare? Of course, because we were not being judged. . .
Oh look who is fine with standing on the bridge now. . .
Now it was time for showmanship. I actually think we did much better in this class, even if we did not place. I guess I need to work on keeping Shy's head up as we trot and showing off her hock action. I think Jaime and Notch got second! 

We scratched from the line driving obstacle course. It involved trotting and we (I) fall apart at the trot and it involved the bridge, which we had not yet practiced. Maybe next time. . .after a lot more practice. 

Me and Shy were done for the day, but Jaime and Notch, Kyle and Clutch still had a riding class and some driving classes. Jaime took another first and a fourth, and Kyle got two third place ribbons! 
Draft riding class

Jaime and Notch

Kyle and Clutch
So the show. . .I have mixed feelings on it. That was a long day to be spending with that pony (never thought I'd say that). I did not want to leave her tied to the trailer because we had parked kinda far away and it was so busy.  So I had to take Shy everywhere with me and deal with her diving/digging/lipping all day. Oh yeah, and when Jaime and Kyle were in the riding class Shy decided to call out to Notch. So we had to leave (I did not want to disturb the riders). 

I think Shy was bored because she did not have a lot to do, except stand around and be annoying. But at this point, we are not ready for other classes. Any takers in riding Shy in other classes??

But I had a fun day seeing Haflingers and other horses, watching people ride and drive, and enjoying the beautiful weather. Hopefully we will do better at the next show!


  1. Yay, you! You (and Shy - probably) have your first show under your belt. I think you guys learned a lot. And... it's not all about the ribbons!
    I am thinking that Shy was reacting to your energy when she didn't necessarily do things the way you wanted, or didn't do them 'while the judge was looking'. Our horses are so darn perceptive, as you know!
    One of the trainers I used felt it was really important for the horses to get 'bored'. He would tack and tie up all of his trainees each morning. Then he'd go through the line, working each one and then tying them back up. At the end of the day, he'd put them all away. I think taking my horses places, even if I don't do anything but make them stand at the trailer and take in all of the action, is really important.
    I was amazed at the number of Haffies I saw in some of your pictures! Wow!

  2. : ) For both of your first show, I think this was awesome! : ) Of course Shy's her normal devious self, but you know that's what you love most about her! : ) And it's great they let you school over the bridge, so Shy can learn she's gonna have to do it, judged or not!

    Can't wait to see you two in the driving and riding classes too! She's been doing so well in the riding videos you've posted!

    Shows are stressful environments for everyone, so don't take her misbehavior personally : ) I mean, she looks ADORABLE in the white show halter!!! : )

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to ride and drive, either! The driving won't be happening this season, though.
      I am pretty sure her misbehavior was directed solely at me. . .haha!

  3. Shy can do it all at home, because she is 100% comfortable in her environment. Once you keep taking her to new places she will be more in tune with you. But this time Shy had to pay more attention to everything that was going on around her! There was no way her brain could comprehend walking over poles and looking all around at what is going on. Even my Enzo falls apart when I take him to new places. Even on his own farm if it's a new area of the farm he has never seen. Plus I agree with dreaming. I am sure you were feeling pressure when the judge came around and Shy felt that pressure as well and said, forget this! We all do it! Part of the reasons I hate showing and don't do it anymore, LOL. The human needs to get out there just as much and also get comfortable. So all and all, it sounds like both of you did great and got a great experience for the day!

    1. It was a good experience. . .it can only get better :)

  4. I'm just going to say what everyone else has said - she was probably feeding off of your nervousness. Being judged sucks. I think we, as horse owners, take our horse behaviors as being a direct reflection of ourselves, forgetting that they have their own opinions and minds.

    I'm proud of you for doing your very first show - it will get easier as you do more.

  5. Awesome first time out for the both of you. Each time will get easier I'm sure of it. Sure she'd seen and done the poles before, just not those ones :) Camryn & are very proud of you both.

    1. Yes, those poles must have been drastically different, haha!
      Well, at least we know what to work on for next time!

      Thank you!!

  6. I agree with what everyone is saying here, Allie, there's so much going on at a show for a first-timer (equine & human) to take in that it's hard to concentrate. And you can be sure Shy was feeding off your nervousness when being judged. You may even have been feeling the pressure so much that you were giving slightly different signals and confusing her - it's easily done.
    Get out to another show as soon as you can. Believe me, it'll get easier!

    1. We are going back, that is for sure! With some more practice under our belts, we should get better. Plus, I think it is good for Shy to get out of the barn and see new things. I think she likes it, too.

      Glad you guys are back from Le Big Trek!!!

  7. I was gonna say what Janine said, but she covered it so I'll say.... Shy is soooo cute in that white halter!!!! Sorry the show was so stressful. I bet it will be 100 times better your next time around. :D Congrats to your friends on their ribbons. And congrats to you all for surviving. Wow what a looooong day lol!


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