Monday, September 3, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #53

I'm so bored!!!
My hay is gone, my yummies are gone, I'm ready to go out!

Puh-puh puh-leeease take me out! I'm bored!
I'll show you, outside is right out this window!
I'm bored! I'll mess up my mane and try to get hay pieces.
So bored! Messing with Ryleigh is no fun today.
What's over here? Nothing but boredom. . .
Yawn! Do you see how bored I am?
I guess I will try to let my own self out! I need to practice my limbo skills anyway!
Stupid stall guard! I bite you! Let me out!
Ooh, some hay scraps I missed!
I stick my tongue out at you! I am so bored! Let me out!!
Mission accomplished! I'm staying the the back!



  1. Boredom is the worst isn't it! That and flies anyway! I really thought you were going to make it under in the limbo pic!

    1. I almost made it under. . .Allie has another story about that!

  2. You had me cracking up! She reminds me so much of Pippin! He could never stand still! (
    I'm glad you finally relented and let the poor, bored dear out into the pasture! After all, a girl's gotta keep up her Haffie figure!

    1. I'm laughing, now, at how the comment appears. I didn't space out the second line - Blogger did - but for once, Blogger did something appropriate and fitting!

  3. I've never used stall guards - I'm pretty convinced my horses would burst them open. I Hope Shyloh never figures that out!

    1. Eek! I think she may be getting close to breaking it or going under it. She has already went through 2 or 3 2x4s int he arena. Anything for a bite of grass!

      But I don't use the stall guard if I am not there.

  4. Poor Shy, you have a tough life. Having to reach for scraps of hay before being let into the pasture. Shame on that mother of yours! ;)

  5. Shyloh is one clever girl ... and such a beauty! Love the photos, certainly shows that she is thinking all the time!
    So glad you stopped by my blog, then I was able to discover you! Sure a witty writer you are! Look forward to keeping track of your adventures.

  6. Those pictures are sooo cute! I can totally relate Shy. I get bored too. :D


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