Tuesday, October 2, 2012

more on barn fun day

I finally got around to putting together some video of the other horses and riders/handlers. It was a ton of fun. Good food, good friends, good horses. I feel so lucky to be at such a great barn. Enjoy the videos!

First, we all walked the horses in hand through the course. Naturally, some of the horses refused some obstacles, but there were no major (or minor even) issues. Here is the in hand video.

Then, the brave ones mounted their trusty steeds and took the obstacle course by storm. Once again, amazing! I hope to conquer that course one day, sooner rather than later. 

And. . .since Shyloh missed her say yesterday, she wanted to add in her own two cents about the whole day. . .

Terror! Why would the two leggers do this to us? While they thought it was all good ponies doing things we would never expect to meet in actual nature. . .it was more like stop scaring the living crap out of me! 

Here is my take on "Barn Fun Day." See the petrified horses trying to steer clear of the obstacles? See the fright? Why, oh why??

Okay. . .it really wasn't that bad. . .I did get to hang outside and eat lots of grass. . . when I wasn't forced to go through that very unnatural course a bajillion times.


  1. Fun days! Love the jump standards with the noodles sticking out of them - need to make some.

    Shyloh - Rosie says "suck it up - it's better than mindless circles in the arena!"

  2. I want to do a de-spooking clinic in the spring. These videos gave me some cool ideas. :)

    1. Yay! I want to know how your clinic goes. I told my barn owner now that we have all the stuff, we should do de-spooking clinics, too!

  3. Oooooh, what fun that looks. Though I must admit the flags in the wind would appear quite sinister. I'd have tried to pick up the snakes in the pit to give em all to Mom :). Mom said she specially liked that Jim guy and how he just took his time without pressuring his horse at all. So any video of you playing???

    1. JIm is very patient. . .I am extra lucky because he is also the vet :)

      Video of Shy is in the previous post. She did really well!


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