Sunday, November 17, 2013

filling the weekends

I feel so lucky that my weekends have been jammed packed with horsey fun! Really, I have to get all my horse time in two and a quarter days since I can't make it out to the barn at all during the week. Luckily, school and internship are done in April, but work is never ending. . .

Last weekend, we went to a local horse expo. I found the one thing that I always wanted for driving. . .
It's a chariot!!

This weekend we had a local Christmas parade (already!!). We took the boys and the hitch wagon. The totally un-horse parade people put a marching band behind us. . .not cool. Jaime made the decision to excuse ourselves from the parade. It was a good decision, better safe than sorry. Notch and Clutch weren't spooky or bad, but the band was loud and the wagon was packed full of people and the horses were just comfortable. We took a side street back and they were much more relaxed being out of the parade atmosphere. 
At the line up
Kyle and Tommy
Tommy working the wrecker that we used to take the hitch wagon to the parade
Dog with a cart! Too cute!
Haley came up again and rode Isaac. He is a really good horse and not bothered by having a rider at all.
Isaac the elephant!
Good boy!
Jaime shaved the defining feature of Clutch. . .he has scratches and the feather had to go. He also go his mane roached to match Notch. Jaime is not a fan of hair on horses.  
Bye bye feather. I tried to shave a leg. . .I am a terrible clipper!
And, we are putting a new, bigger pasture out back. This is how we made sure our pasture lines were straight.
We just had Kyle point the truck at a cone and drive towards it!
It was a bumpy ride! We also tried to spray paint a giant smiley face in the field, but ran out of spray paint.
Gonna cut this up for corner posts.
The only crappy thing for me is that Shyloh is probably going to have to stay up front in a small pasture because the big one will have a round bale. And she just can't handle having access to all the hay.

Terry had some friends out to experience riding and driving Reba. That is a good mare, but such a handful! She loves to work and even though she was a sweaty mess from driving around out back, she didn't want us to unhook her from the forecart. 
She looks good in yellow!
We also rode the 4 wheeler around out back. The mini Aussies love going for rides!
Haley and Bindi
Piper hopped up for a ride with me
Four wheeler...also how we take poop out back
And I acted as a dead buck. . .with a corn cob pipe that I found on sale!

Now it is pouring rain with a tornado watch. Yuck. Oh, and I will be holding yet another contest from Horze this week! Happy weekend!

Enjoy this photo of Clutch as a turtle with a chicken on his neck.


  1. I was in a parade once when they put a team of six or eight mini-burros pulling this huge, red contraption right behind us. That was the most eventful parade I've ever been in. Those little guys started braying and Ghazal lost his mind. They need to have someone who knows horses as a consultant for parades!

    1. They really do! Even when it is put on the parade sign up to keep us away from fire trucks and bands, they still don't listen. This is the first time they ever had an issue at a parade.

  2. LOL that chicken picture cracked me up. :) Too bad about the scratches and having to shave his feathers. :( Your barn sure knows how to have fun!

    1. Well, it is a friend's place, so no need to worry about other boarders. That chicken just walked all the way up his back, he didn't care at all!

  3. Ha ha , love the chariot.
    Looks like a fun weekend.
    Clutch, our chickens like hanging out on our guys too .:)

  4. I LOVE the chariot! What a great idea!! If you had a friend that knew how to weld it doesn't look altogether impossible to homemake!

    How was the horse with the leg clipping? Q gets scratches on her legs, too, and when we managed to buzz her leg last year it healed really fast. However - she HATES having them shaved! Just trying to figure out if there is something other than sedative to help with it.

    1. Kyle could make it, if I had all the stuff to do it.
      Clutch is a great horse, the leg clipping didn't bother him at all. I think his feather gets clipped every winter, so no sedative for him. Other than just slowly desensitizing her to it, I don't have any ideas to help Q. Maybe it tickles?

  5. I LOVE that yellow on Reba! And I really want a mini Aussie. I mean, seriously? Does it get any cuter?

    1. It really doesn't get much cuter than those mini Aussies!

  6. Replies
    1. Right! We need to get a few, a couple for the minis for chariot racing and one for Shy.

  7. The puppies are so cute! Does that horse have a growth on his neck...I cant tell if he does if its part of the chicken lol

    Also, good on you to clip the feathers. Much better for the horses legs in this weather!

    1. Yeah, that is totally his crest. . .not sure if it from him being gelded later or what, cause he is not overweight at all.


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