Friday, November 1, 2013

mental work

Shyloh got a mental workout the other day. It was also a good day for me to work on my corrections with her. I totally under correct her. Not that I so much let her get away with things, but it's that I don't let her know she is doing wrong. 

I warmed Shy up with some line driving. She had a couple quick steps when we first started, but she got that out of her real fast and did a great job. We went under the pine tree and had some nice stop and stands. I decided to take her somewhere we have never been yet. I thought it was going to be an easy jaunt around the pastures (Jaime and Kyle left space when planning the pastures to drive around them). But. . . there was an area where we got hung up on. 

At first, I was just going to turn around because I didn't think we could fit, but on closer inspection I decided to give it a try. Shy was not so sure either. But after a few time circling around and me talking to her and telling her she could do it, Shy got brave enough to go on through!
Picture doesn't do it justice.
I was so proud of her! She did it without me at her head and the little dead tree things brushed up against her. It was perfect! I took her through the other way, having to talk her through it again, but the third time, Shy walked right on through, no problems! Then we took a break.

After our break, I enlisted Terry to help me. She was to drag the deer sled, first in front of Shy, then we were going to pass her and have Terry drag it next to and behind us. 

Shy was a bit jumpy, but did not pull back on the lead rope. We followed the sled for a while then I asked Terry to stop so we could pass her.

Shy decided to throw a wrench in my plans. Shy would not go past the sled! Boy can that horse spin fast. . .I think reining may be in her future! After what seemed like forever-ness (that's a word) I finally got Shy to trot past the sled, giving it a wide berth. We worked some more, both of us. Me, with not letting her get away with too much spinning nor overly babying her; Shy was getting the bravery to get past the sled. 
Scary sled.
We were finally able to make a couple passes, then we stopped. I did not want to stress her out anymore. But then something odd happened. I took her blinders off to walk her back to the barn and she had no issue with the sled. Shy walked right up to it and would have stepped in it if Terry had let me have her do it. 

***We have made a huge stride, stay tuned tomorrow to see what we did!***


  1. I'm so glad you finally tried it without the blinders. I'll be very interested to hear how it went:)

  2. Replies
    1. She seems to respond well when I tell her she is brave, haha.

  3. Camryn is a very differant girl when I'm firm as well. I have to be a tad "bossy" otherwise she is!

    1. I have to really work on my bossy-ness! But Shy needs to know that she can't keep using her tried and true scared act.

  4. Fabulous Training! Shi, What A Mare! It Sounds As Though It Isn't What She Sees That Scares Her, It's What She Doesn't See! I'm Interested To Near How She Goes, In A Drive Without Blinders.

    Thanks For popping Over To My Place,And Giving Me The
    Cheer On! Today Is Our First Really, Really Stormy Day Of Autumn...I'm Deciding If I Should Go Out...I'd Di A"Mare Walk" , Both Of Us On The Ground.

    Keep Up The Excellent Work, You'll Have Such Fun In The Snow This Year!
    (, LuVed Your NewWord)


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