Thursday, November 14, 2013

marshin' it

Hidden Creek Draft Horses took a chilly trip to Crosswinds Marsh for what will probably be our final ride/drive there this year. I took Meatball, Jaime drove Dexter and Kyle, Terry, and Haley rode Clutch, Reba, and Notch. It was pretty amazing how we packed three giant drafts and two minis into the trailer.

Meatball is such a spunky little dude, he sees the opening to the trail and wants to go! While we were waiting for everyone else to tack up and get ready, we were driving around on the grass. Every time Meatball saw the trail opening, he honed in and wanted to go go go. So finally we started by ourselves (just to go a few feet then circle back and wait) and Meatball got all crazy!

He started pawing the ground while waiting, then tucked his back legs under himself. I thought, What was going on? He is not trying to roll is he? Nah. . . We walked on a bit. Then he did it again, pawed the ground then laid down! With the cart on! I hopped out of the cart so quick, with the plan to grab his head and pull him up. But he got up on his own. Eek, what the hell? What horse does that, attached to a cart? I made him trot it out, even though I think he loves going fast. 

He also loves being in the lead and when he hears those draft hooves thundering behind him (and they do thunder) he wants to keep up with them as they pass. He has the cutest trot and even canters under harness. It's pretty fast, but he is completely controllable and really smooth. He really has no idea that he is tiny. 

This time Meatball did not run out of gas, I think he was having so much fun since we trotted and cantered practically the whole loop. Once again, all the horses were so great and we had a blast.

Cutest, fuzziest mini butt!
Setting out on the trail
All bundled up!
Big black horses go through the water crossing, the minis would have drowned and opted for the bridge instead.
No more leaves on the trees.
Haley and Notch
Terry and Reba

Jaime with Bindi and Dexter
Meatball was not too sure of the boardwalk (in the non horsey area). The actual boardwalk didn't bother him as we walked over wooden bridges many times, I think it was the water on all sides.
Cute dude!
Sweaty pony! Too much cantering!
Kyle and Clutch goofing off
Cantering a long path
On the boardwalk
So pretty out there!
Group shot, minus Terry and Reba
Looking down on us from a Shire


  1. You have one. cute. pony!! = )
    Sounds and looks like you all had a great time!

  2. Sounds and looks like such fun. With all this practice you're getting Shy is gonna be in awe once you get back to working her :)

  3. Those minions are so cute! makes me want to train ours to drive…. if only I had endless hours I'd love to :-)


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