Monday, November 25, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #110

It is so so brr cold! Good thing me and the minions have ample hair to keep us warm! 

Allie brought us all in the barn for a Shyloh and minion spa day! I love spa days.  Well, Allie grooms me every time she visits, but spa days are special. I get extra grooming and treats!
Hee hee
First I get a curry combing. It's like a massage all over. Then a get a double brushing, once with a stiff brush and once with a soft brush. Allie spent a long time with my feather cause they had frozen mud on them. Gotta keep those clean to prevent ouchies.  After that, an extra soft brush cleans off my face and my mustache. Next it is time for my mane to be brushed, it has gotten tangly from all the wind and rain. And finally, my hooves get picked out! That's my most favorite part. I am so good, I pick up all my feet and hold them out. Ahhhh, a spa is only complete with a treat and a hay snack. 
They have no idea of the awesomeness they are in store for.
Allie went on to the minions next. They were super dirty because 1, they are boys and 2, they like to be mud rollers. Gunny likes to drag his face on the ground, must be a hinny thing. Meatball and Dexter like to roll in the mud and had muddy backs and faces. 
The supplies. . . and a cat
Meatball is always a little leery of being groomed. But Allie is patient and cleaned him right up. He even let her pick his feet. He is the most hairiest minion ever! So much fluff!  Also, Meatball is much heavier than he looks. I was trying to get him out of my way and he wouldn't move, so I stuck my head under his belly and tried to flip him. . .no go.  So then I just had to show him my butt and he got the idea to move. Ha!

Gunny actually enjoyed his grooming, which was quite surprising since he doesn't like to be touched all that much. His hair is much coarser than the other horses' hair. 

Dexter didn't seem to enjoy the extra grooming attention all that much. He tolerated it, but I think he prefers to be left alone. . .wild and free, like me. Unless food is involved. 

When we went back outside, I think we all forgot how chilly it was! The wind was howling! But Allie through us some hay to keep our bellies warm, so we were happy. I sure could go for more of these spa days!
Seriously almost the cutest! That's why I sometimes have to be mean to him though, cause he is not cuter than me!
Let's hope they stay clean.

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  1. You guys look awesome after your spa treatment! Gotta say Shy your choice of pals these days are wonderful, we love seeing that cute gang of yours :-)

  2. Paddington here. Shyloh, you are lucky to have minions! I may need to get some for myself, but only if they are not as cute as me.


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