Monday, November 11, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #108

I was forced to do work this weekend. Actual work were I almost worked up a sweat. Almost, but not quite. 

Jaime and Allie's friend Haley came up from Ohio (land of delicious grasses) to ride Isaac. Isaac is just learning and Haley has no fears (except for mice and spiders and lizards and magnets and being locked in bathrooms), so she was the perfect person to get up on that big horse. Jaime calls him an elephant. 
Pretty sure that his head is as tall as she is!
Isaac was really good for Haley and didn't try to hurt her at all. That is success in my book!
Getting ready to go!
He was so good and brave.
But then it was my turn. No way! I ran and ran and ran from Allie, but she got me. It was getting dark and I still got tacked up to ride. Haley likes to ride me because I am bendy and quick and I can cut a sharp turn. That is lots of fun for her but not so much fun for Allie. 

Since I don't know Haley all that well and it was getting dark, I was a bit nervous in the round pen. I wanted to do so good, but if I messed up, I didn't know what was going to happen to me. I kept my ears back on Haley and tried to listen real hard to what she was asking me, but that just made me tense my body. Haley asked for a trot and I trotted. She asked for a canter and I trotted faster. 
I ain't afraid of no ghosts
They were all laughing at me and my super fast trot. They said my short little legs move so fast. They said maybe I have a fourth gait. They said maybe I am part Icelandic horse. Rude two leggers. I put on my grumpy face to show my displeasure at this.

After a while, I did canter for a couple steps. That is my least favorite way to travel and it is the hardest to do. Haley then had up run barrel patterns because of my ability to turn so quick. 

That night, I refused to be caught to come in the barn for the night. I might be made to work! No thanks, I think I'll stay outside with my minions.

Save me Terry!
Haley does give just the right amount of lovin'
The next day, I was forced into work again! This time, I cantered lots just so they wouldn't make fun of me and my super fast trot. Then we did more barrel patterns. I was much more relaxed this time. I had fun riding around fast. I think Allie needs to brave my lightening fast self now, right?

Oh yeah. . .and Allie says today is the last day to enter the giveaway! I suggest you do it so she stops talking about it. Ends at midnight!



  1. You go on those barrels Shy! WOW! I trot like that too, Mom calls it "turbo trot"

  2. I bet you can convince Ally to try out your speedy gaits! You're a good girl Shy. Also the elephant is gorgeous! Is he your new boyfriend?

  3. You have the fastest trot ever! Good job on *almost* working up a sweat, but not actually doing it. That takes a lot of talent.


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