Friday, April 18, 2014

first lead line practice of the year

Tommy, Lily, and Noah came out for their first practice of the year. These are our lead line kids that will be showing with us this summer. Lily will be showing on Shyloh, Tommy on Clutch (maybe), and Noah is showing Reba. Tommy and Lily have grown up (well, they are three and five) around horses with Terry and her sister, their mom. Noah takes lessons at a barn near his house. 

We only used Shy and Reba today so the kids took turns riding. We had them in the round pen and started the kids on the lead. Shy and Reba were being really good and the kids wanted off the leads, so we took them off. We had the kids practice steering and whoa.

Shy had one little scoot with Lily, but she was fine. The hardest part for the kids was getting the horses away from us on the ground and out on the rail. But we made them work through it and it was pretty successful. 

On to the cutest photo spam ever!

Lily and Shy
Noah and Reba
Look at them go on their own!
Shy listens to Lily so well
Noah rocked riding Reba!
Super cute
Tommy on Reba
Noah's turn on Shy
Cute pair!
Tommy couldn't really get Reba to move. . .
So he got on Shy, who is much easier to move
Lily on Reba and Tommy on Shy
Look at them all on their own!
Little kids on big horses, adorable!
Good pony grass snacks!


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