Tuesday, May 6, 2014

spring clinic 2014

The annual spring clinic has come and gone. Months of preparation by many people are now over until next year. This was the first year that I have gone to the light horse clinic and the driving clinic. And even though I did not take a horse to the light horse day, I still learned quite a bit. 

The kids had a ton of fun on the light horse day. The clinicians were very helpful and offered a lot of small group demonstrations in showmanship, English equitation, Western equitation, trail and trail-in-hand. 
English Equitation
Western Equitation
The cutest part was a lunch time discussion of the Harry Hughes Youth Group on what Sportsmanship means. The best quote was from a poem that two girls came up with: "be a friend, not a rear end." 
Sportsmanship discussion
The driving day was a ton of fun for me because I got to bring Shyloh and drive Meatball. We had some great clinicians who have many many years of experience showing in the draft and driving world. They were very hands on in our sessions and even hopped in the carts with some drivers to offer instruction. We were broken up into small groups for the draft braiding, showmanship, safe harnessing and hitching, and single driving sessions. Then there was a demonstration on team driving.
Braiding manes and tails
Safe harnessing and hitching
More driving and team set up
The raffle was a success, too! I think a lot of people were impressed with the generosity of the donors and all the different items that they could choose to win from. The kids were super excited when their names were pulled out of the bucket for winning! And the Youth Group had a fun time drawing the names on both days. A lot of kids went home with some very cool prizes. 
Raffle Day 1
Raffle Day 2
The spring clinic is the kick off to a very busy summer! I am excited for all the fun that is to be had.


  1. What a fun clinic! Love that they offer something for such varied disciplines!

  2. Looks like so much fun!! Wish they had clinics like that near me!

  3. Looks like it was a huge success! And I love the quote "be a friend, not a rear-end." Love it!


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