Sunday, May 18, 2014

shy and lily

The kids came out to the barn for practice before the show next weekend. They were immediately distracted by the chickens (who we let out to eat ticks). They loved the chickens! Tommy kept trying to see how many he could pick up at a time and Lily just walked around with a chicken tucked under her arm for the longest time. It was pretty cute.
He is going to be a farmer!
When we finally regained their attention to the horses, we started out by grooming them, as best as kids can groom a horse. The kids ran off to have a snack or something, so I hopped in Shyloh for a quick minute. Lily came back and saw me on Shy and wanted to get on. Then Tommy ans Noah wanted on a horses, so they went on Reba. Then. . .
How many more kids can we fit on a draft horse?
Pretty cute, huh?

We started working on Showmanship. Shyloh was so content with letting Lily lead her all around, stop her, and set her up. 
Shy is so incredibly patient with Lily
Reba on the other hand, stepped on two little boys toes. Big mare doesn't know where her big feet are. The kids were fine and we moved on to riding. 
Size does not intimidate Tommy!
I started Lily on the lead line, but before long she was riding Shy all by herself. Shy just loves that little girl so much! Everything Lily asked of her, walk on, turn in both directions, and stop, Shy did without complaint. It was amazing to watch and made my heart so happy to see Lily and Shy together. 
Look at those heels, even though she can't reach the stirrups!
What a pair!
I put the lead line back on Shy and we went on a walk through the property. . .it was no big deal to either Shy or Lily. We came back and Lily was telling everyone she went on a trail ride. So of course Tommy wanted to take Clutch on a trail ride. Out to the back fields we went. I got permission from Terry and Lily's mom to take the lead off of Shy and they were both okay with it. I stayed close, but soon learned I didn't need to. . .
Over the bridge
Look at them!
Lily had Shyloh walking those back fields like a pro. Shy acted like it was the most natural thing she had ever done. They were both so comfortable together. And Shy was really listening to every single cue Lily asked of her. I was so proud of both of them. 
Tommy and Clutch
Brother and sister ride
So, bringing it into perspective. . .a five year old can ride my horse, no problem, but I cannot. I think it may have to do with the fact that Lily has no fears and no expectations of Shy. They just go and they just are. It is so simple. I need to take a page out of Lily's book because yesterday was absolute perfection. 

I am thinking Shy could be a possible 4-H project in a couple years. . .


  1. What a good little mare. :) They can definitely sense feelings and emotions!

  2. These haffy's are very sensitive and aware of our emotions. 100% if I cannot get Kaspin to calm down it's because of my tension in my brain/body or both. As soon as I calm down or relax he is fine too. He keeps me learning everyday:)

  3. I'm a classic over-thinker. That might be your problem, too. I start worrying about if I'm giving the right cue or if that bush up there is going to spook the horse, or a million other things. Lily, on the other hand, is just excited to go for a ride and trusts that Shy will take care of her - she has no other baggage.

  4. Oh, I know it is my problem. That's why most of Shy's problems are because of me and my own issues.


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