Friday, May 16, 2014

swamp monster

We have been getting torrential downpours all week, with the occasional tornado warning thrown in for fun. Jaime braved the rain, hail, wind, and warnings to make sure the horses were safe and stayed in the barn until it was over. Poor King Leonitus (new paint horse) didn't know what was going on as hail pelted him. He thought Jaime was doing it and she had a hell of a time getting him inside. 
Kyle's new horse
When I got to the barn later in the week, I was in for a surprise. . .

First, all the horses were hanging out in the barn listening to the soft rock radio station while Reba was munching hay from the hay loft. The thing about drafts is that not much is out of their reach.
She makes it look easy
Second, I no longer had a horse, I had a swamp monster! 
Shyloh was covered in mud, her tail was disgusting, and she looked downright awful. I set to work, fruitless as it was since she was being turned out back into the swamp and she decided to be in mad heat again.

I hosed her leg, mainly to get the mud off the one leg and re-clean her wounds  underneath, but while I was at it I got all four legs. Then I washed her tail, braided it, and bagged it. That problem is solved. The wounds from the shit fork fight seem to be healing well. Shy had two more small cuts on her, one on each side of her near her hips. Kinda looked like she tried to squeeze through something and her hips got caught. 

I also noticed something else. . .

Hives! Shy has never had hives before. I am going to keep an eye on it, but they don't seem to bother her, although when I scratched her she did seem to enjoy it. They are on both sides of her, too. And since I was cleaning her up and our first show is next weekend, I decided to clip her face. She makes it really hard because she tries to eat the clippers when I do her lips. I think it tickles.
Whisker free
After all my work, I turned her back out into the swamp. Good thing we have awesome drainage so as soon as the rain stops the pastures will dry back up!


  1. Excited to hear you have an upcoming show :))

  2. That mud is nothing compared to what our gang would do in that weather! Beautiful new paint horse addition to the group :-)


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