Monday, May 5, 2014

monday musings by shyloh #130

I went on a trip this weekend! I do really love going on trips. It is fun to get out and see the world.
Ready to go!
We went to my most favorite place, Harry Hughes in Ohio, for a clinic. Allie worked on some braiding and showmanship with me. Then she used Meatball for the driving portion. I think I am just not cut out to be a driving horse, it makes my heart beat super fast just seeing carts now. And Meatball does have so much fun with it. He would make a good CDE pony! He loves to go fast and can cut a sharp turn.
Cody was making Meatball drift!
But while we were down there, Allie did go for a ride! In the open! I was having fun and being a brat. 
Showmanship session
I got to ride down with the minions and all the other big horses went together in the big trailer. When Allie started riding me, she took me between two trailers. It was a little scary at first and I started breathing quick, but when I got to the end of the trailers, I saw Isaac! And I just wanted to stand next to him.  But Allie kept me going, even with my protests. Then I saw Notch, Clutch, and Reba with a perfect Haflinger sized space in between Reba and Notch. And I knew that was were I needed to be. I tried everything in my power to get into that spot.
Haley and Mary the big Haflinger
Allie was getting upset with me because I was using my awesome bending abilities to keep my head where she wanted, but move my back end where I wanted. Even once we got walking away, I showed Allie how well I could side pass. I really didn't want to leave my friends!
We did a couple more laps around the trailers with me putting up a fight every time we passed my friends. But I have to say, Allie did win, even though it made her uncomfortable and a hunched over mess. And even though we fought, she says I did good because I didn't freak out and run away or even scoot. Allie says there is hope for me yet. . .the jury is still out on hope for her though!



  1. Oh how fun!! Looks like you guys had a blast :)

  2. Fantastic and there is definitely hope for you both!! Keep it up :-)

  3. Shy, you are so funny - "perfect Haflnger sized space".


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