Tuesday, May 13, 2014

standlee forage drive

Feel like doing a good deed for the month and helping horses? Standlee Premium Western Forage is giving you that opportunity! It is simple to do.
Shyloh says, Feed the horses!
In their ongoing commitment to improving the lives of horses, Standlee has teamed up with the ASPCA Equine Fund to donate up to 15,000 pounds of high-quality Premium Western Forage® to horses in need.

Here’s how it works:

Standlee Premium Western Forage® will donate up to 9 pounds of forage per participant based on the following:

1.  Subscribe to Standlee’s Newsletter (3 lbs donated);

2. “Like” on Facebook: Standlee® “You Can Be The Difference” Charity Program page (3 lbs donated);

3.  Share, via Facebook, the “You Can Be The Difference” Charity Program page (3 lbs donated).

The above options are CUMULATIVE, so for each person who does all three of the above, Standlee will donate 9 pounds of Premium Western Forage to horses who need it!  Also, you can complete all three of these options from the same webpage, so it is super easy to do!

More participation means more food for needy horses.  To maximize the donation to the ASPCA Equine Fund we need at least 1,667 people to participate and complete all 3 of the above steps during the month of May.  If you would like to participate, please keep in mind that this charity program ends on May 31, 2014.

The ASPCA Equine Fund offers life-saving resources for equine rescues and sanctuaries across the country. The provide grants and additional funds to humane organizations that help with large scale animal cruelty cases and natural disasters. In 2013, the ASPCA gave over $1.4 million to different groups in 43 states. 
Feed them!!
It is a good cause and it doesn't hurt to like and share a Facebook page, right?

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