Tuesday, July 22, 2014

birth-iversary 3/8

Today is Shyloh's birth-iversary! I have had her for three years and she is possibly eight years old. Pony is growing up!
She can be cute
Of course, I had to celebrate with the obligatory headware and smiles. Shy is a cheesy girl.
This past year has brought us lots of fun, lots of ups, and some downs. But we continue to learn and improve and I have a great bunch of friends that are along for this adventure.
Birth-iversary bath
I went to a lot of county fairs and watched the open draft shows. We moved to Jaime and Kyle's barn where they started Hidden Creek Draft Horses. We have had some trials and errors as we all adjust to being a part of this barn and helping Jaime and Kyle build it to what they dream. It is fun to help along as I can.
Snacking on a banana Laffy Taffy
I put a stop to the driving Shy from some continued unpleasant experiences and put our focus on riding. Shy has really matured mentally and is handling the riding great. I, on the other hand, am find it difficult to let go of past experiences with her, but am working on it. I am impressed with the maturing and learning to trust Shy has done in the past few years. Even though she does prefer to be a feral pony and is choosy in who she will let approach her (unless they have food for her), she rarely gives me hassle about it.
Birth-iversary rainbow!
Shy went on her first trail ride with another rider and was great, not a single issue. Shy has also become a fantastic lead line pony for Lily and has even won her ribbons in our shows! Shyloh even took a first place in Halter for me! And we got a second in Trail-in-Hand, which shows all our ground work is really paying off. I also rode Shy in a walk trot and trail class. We didn't place, but Shy also proved to be steady and remained calm when another horse got stung, flipped out and bucked her rider off.
Painted her toes, too
Shy has been turning steadily into an Appaloosa, and she continues to get new white spots. It's weird and I don't know what it is or what it is from, but recently I have noticed some new spots.
Shy is so so tolerant of all my shenanigans
Shy has had a great year and is continuing to improve. I am excited to see what this whole next year brings for us. I am hoping we have some great adventures and I can get Shy out and about. I think that will make her a very happy pony.


  1. Happy Birthaverysary Shyloh !! Keep up the good work you two, keep going forward, baby steps at a time ~ trust each other, and be really good friends!
    Great things will continue to happen! :))))))

  2. Awww cute girl! Happy birth-iversary Shyloh! :)

  3. Happy birth-iversary, Shyloh! Cute party hat!

  4. Happy birth-iversary, Shyloh!

    Gosh she's cute isn't she? Love the hat!

  5. Happy birth-iversery Shy! I hope you two continue to have lots of fun together.

    PS - those spots are called birdcatcher spots, named after a race horse named Birdcatcher. They are very common, especially in TB's, but they show up in nearly all breeds. They tend to get more as they age and can even come and go.

  6. OMG, that picture of Shy smiling is PRICELESS! <3

  7. Happy birth-iversary Shy!!!!! I LOVE all of the pictures! I'm glad I'm not the only one who puts hats on them and asks them to smile and other stuff like that! :D


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