Thursday, July 17, 2014

guess the breed answer and winner

All you smarties out there who guessed Standardbred, you were right!! Go you!

This Standardbred is Freedom Hall, also known as Louie. He is a six year old gelding that only raced a few times before he was retired for being too slow. He was then sent to New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program.

New Vocations is the largest racehorse adoption for Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds. They rehabilitate the horses after they retire, provide them a safe place to live, and then adopt them out to to caring homes. New Vocations matches horses to new owners and follows up with the horses to make sure that they have a new life and a new purpose.

Louie, aside from being a Two Horse Tack model, has been a great ambassador for the breed and program. He spent eight months as a riding and trail horse. And he was also trained to rack.

Louie was donated to the Camp Nelson Honor Guard because of his calm disposition and quiet nature. Louie is used in military funerals pulling the caisson. He has also been used as the riderless horse. Camp Nelson is planning a six horse hitch with Louie as one of the lead horses because he is so calm and reliable. He has a great second job that he really enjoys.
Louie, taken from Camp Nelson's website
The winner of the Guess the Breed Giveaway is Dom! Which is kind of ironic, since she has a Standardbred. Congrats Dom, I will contact you for your prize.

Thank you again, Two Horse Tack for this amazing and fun opportunity and for sharing Louie with us! 

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  1. Wow I can't believe I got it right lol. Congrats Dom!!!

  2. Haha it's because of all of Dom's Standardbred photos that I guessed right too! Congrats to Dom! :D

  3. I love New Vocations!! Very cool story :-)


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