Saturday, July 12, 2014

scary sprayer

Reason #457932480 that minions are the best. . .they are so easy and fun. Another day spent not doing anything with Shyloh. . .

Jaime and I took Dexter and Meatball for a drive around the block last week. Minions can be harnessed and hitched by one person easily, all from the same side of the horse. Try that with a draft or even a Haflinger!
Jaime was awesome and let me take her favorite pony, Dexter. Meatball gave me so much crap last time I drove him, I was hesitant to drive him again. But he was perfect with Jaime, so I will give Meatball another chance. Plus, he is cute and a minion, what can he really do?
In your face minion!
Ponies are hilarious to drive. They like to race each other, but lately we have been not letting them. They have been getting a bit out of hand with that. We walked, we trotted, it was a nice, enjoyable drive.  Meatball did have one spook at these flowers that rustled and sounded suspiciously a lot like the fly spray that he hates. But that was no big deal.
Jaime is wearing our new farm shirt!
Until this tractor-thing came down the road. . .
Like this, except the wheels were even bigger!
We pulled to the side, but as the sprayer came down the road and into the view of Dexter's eyes (blinders make it harder to see), he got huge eyed and started dancing. Meatball, almost backed into a ditch, then took off, but Jaime got him under control quickly. I mean, that is a huge piece of machinery, a pickup truck can fit underneath it!
Love riding in this buckboard wagon
Dexter and Meatball are pretty calm and cool minions, motorcycles, semi trucks, and other farm equipment have never bothered them. The rest of the drive was uneventful. In fact, it was quite peaceful, me and Jaime and the ponies just cruising down the road. Except for that one time when Dexter got to going too fast and bucked out. . .but it was fine after I slowed him back down. 
When we returned, Reba was very upset that she had to stay back. That horse loves to work!

I am so happy that the humidity went down and the weather was bearable. Love driving those little minions!

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  1. Hey think you should have just driven your carts right under that sprayer!

  2. Yeah that machine would be very scary!

  3. You need a minion of your very own methinks ;-)


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