Monday, July 7, 2014

too much cute, part 2

We went back to visit with the Gypsy foals! Actually, we had gone to a tack store and their farm is on the way back, so we stopped. Plus, who can resist those little babies! Not me!
not Terry! Baby and mama
They were just as cute this time around. The colt and filly have started getting their teeth in. The colt has calmed down a bit, at least he was not kicking out for this visit. 
One day, his hair will probably touch the ground
The filly was just as much as a love! She loves hugs!
She is just so soft! Love the creme color in her ears.
More hugs!
And she is keen to return scratching favors.

Haley really liked the colt.

Omg, his beard!
We are still waiting for the last foal to be born! Can't wait! These babies will make great horses! 


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