Tuesday, July 15, 2014

lucas county fair 2014

This past weekend was Lucas County Fair's open show in Ohio. Jaime, Kyle, Terry, and Beth all took their horses and of course I went along. We planned on doing halter classes and the cart classes. It was also supposed to be Isaac's big debut into the fair show ring.

I felt like a groom because I helped braid manes and tails and get horses all ready for the show. It was fun.
Two handsome dudes!
Halter class was first as always. I got to show Notch. I am proud to say that Hidden Creek Draft Horses cleaned up on halter!
My noble steed for the day
Isaac was Grand Champion Halter, Reba was Reserve Champion Halter, and Notch took 4th place for draft halter.
Yay!! Go Hidden Creek Draft Horses!
The judges loved Isaac and Reba.

There were a bunch of riding classes before cart. Kyle and Terry chose to ride.
Clutch decided to chase a Haflinger in the riding class
Reba was giving Terry a hard time
In the mean time, Notch started acting strange. He was sweating and would not calm down. It may have been the roller coaster or the giant inflatable Spiderman bounce house that he could see from his spot on the trailer, we will never know. But it was giving him runny poops and making him so anxious. So, before cart classes, Jaime chose to take him home. Which meant that Isaac and Reba had to leave. We were all really sad that they had to go, since we were looking forward to seeing how Isaac would do in cart classes and the judges wanted to see both Reba and Isaac under harness.
Clutch and Rambo
Terry and I stayed behind to help Beth with Rambo and Art. She needed to change the cart over a few times in between classes. Then, a band in the tent right behind the arena decided to start drumming and making music, which Rambo was not a fan of. . . At all. I offered to head him during the lineups to keep him calm and even then he reared a few times in the cart. That is typical Rambo and didn't scare Beth, but she worked him out of it. Art did not mind the music at all.
Love me some Art!
Flo and Nick
Beth and Rambo
Overall, it was a nice, small show. The show moved at a relaxing pace that didn't make you feel like you had to rush between classes. The breeze made the hot weather bearable. I drank about five delicious fresh squeezed lemonades. And hanging out with friends and horses is always fun.


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