Sunday, July 20, 2014

double judged show

Yesterday we had a double judged show for our Northwest Ohio Driving Circuit. Unfortunately, I could not bring Shyloh since all the fees were doubled as well and we were only bringing one trailer. It was rather relaxing to visit and hang out and not have to worry about showing.

Jaime was taking Isaac to help prepare him for fair in a week and a half. Noah was showing his little Meatball. And Terry was showing Reba in the cart classes.

First up, Jaime had Isaac in Halter class. He placed first with both judges, then went on to win Halter Champion under both judges. How awesome is that?
He is a nice looking horse!
When Issac was brought into the ring for cart class, he began to act up. He started rearing and hopping and refusing to go forward. With a horse as big as him, it is easy to get intimidated by his baby tantrums. Luckily, Beth showed up and was able to walk Jaime through the tantrum and Issac straightened up. 
Isaac did very well during the class and ended up taking first and second. Later Jaime asked for feedback from the judge who gave them second and she said that Isaac was having baby brain. So, basically, he just needs more miles and to grow up a bit longer. I think he is going to be a forced to be reckoned with in the next couple years!
He has the nicest, floaty-est trot.
Terry took Reba in pleasure cart class and pleasure reinsmanship class. Reba did great and they took a first and second place for one class and a second and third for the other class. Her feedback was to work on lengthening the trot for the road gait, not speeding it up. 
It seems that everyone is getting fancy for the driving classes now. Even Bethany got all dressed up to take her mule, Millie, in the draft class.
More fancy
Noah showed his pony, Meatball. They were adorable together. Noah got his first blue ribbon on the riding class! It is hard to beat a cute kid on a cute pony, both decked out in English attire and tack! They also took home a third and a lot of fifths. Noah doesn't care what place he gets, he just has fun showing his pony.
Super cute
Beth brought Rambo to ride around on since she is working on making him a trail pony. He is really good for her and she even took him in a fun class, Splash and Dash! They took second! Wish I could have stayed to watch them, but we had to leave.

I also got to ride in the cart with Jessica and her Gypsy, Sairose. Youth riders need an adult to ride with them, so I said I would. I like riding with Jess and her mare, they are a great team. The only problem is the arena is very hard to drive in, really makes the horses work to pull the carts, and does not make for a very comfortable ride for the people.

As always, it was a fun time with friends and horses. And even though I am not taking Shy to fair, I am excited to support my barn and be a part of all the action.
Isaac and his Mini Me, Gracie


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