Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 goals

The first in my three post mini series on the year end wrap up.

This year has been full of awesome fun stuff and setbacks for me and Shyloh. But how have we done with our goals so far? My 2013 goals have been listed under a tab labeled "2013" on the blog.

Goal 1: Drive a Cart with Shy
Done. We got the cart and I drove her for the first time in March. Then we had an accident. But we have some awesome friends who helped us get over that. We even drove in this show and this show!

Now sure why I am cut out?
Goal 2: Ride
No. We spent the majority of the year focused on driving. I tried doing both the year before and it was too much, so this year we cut out riding. So no riding.

Goal 3: Go on at least one trail ride
Yeah, no. Well, maybe kinda. I went on some trail drives that were not with Shy, here and here and here. I took Shy out a lot and we did some line driving on the trails and walking the trails several times. But I am going to go with a not completed for this goal.
Good to know my pony doesn't care about puddles!
Goal 4:Get at least one ribbon in the Northwest Ohio Driving Circuit
Yes! We got a first and second place in Halter classes, a couple of fifth places in Trail in Hand, a fifth place in Draft Working Cart, a third and fifth place in Line Driving Obstacle, a fourth place in Showmanship,, and a first place in a fun class where you had to drive the horses hooked to a sled through a course and spill the least amount of water from a bucket on the sled. Shy teamed with Art for this. Beth drove Shy and Art in a couple classes and took first and second with them. 
The ribbons we earned!
Goal 5:Continue working on trick and clicker training
So so. I do this when the weather is bad or I don't really feel like doing anything else, or we need a break. But nothing new or really awesome was done with that. The bow is taking a lot of time because Shy won't put herself in that position at all. She feels too vulnerable. 
Standing on the mat and smiling. Skillz
Goal 6: Continue keeping Shy happy and healthy
Done! We have not had anything issues with my hardy horse. We have the vet out for shots and the dentist out for a float. Farrier comes out on a regular basis for trims. We had a slight issue with weight, but I think that is under control now since we surgically removed Shy from the round bale.

Overall, we completed about half our goals and did some work on all but one. Up next is our whole year in review. 

How has everyone else done with their 2013 goals?


  1. Sounds like a great year!! I started trick training with Red this year, just without the clicker. He's having issues with the bow as well, but now he'll actually put his head down. It's probably the most difficult trick I've done. Easiest was definitely the hug, "yes and no" and teaching him his directions. :))

  2. You made me laugh with 'surgically removed Shy from the round bale'!!
    Sounds like a reasonable year all told, with some horses it's two steps forward, one step back for a long time...

  3. Wow, your year looks great! I love Shy with her head stuck in the round bale! Silly girl :)

  4. That last picture is hysterical!!

  5. You two have had a great year! It has been fun to follow along :()

  6. OMG the pic of Shy LITERALLY up to her ears in hay! LOL, that's so awesome!!!! If you didn't have the round bale holder I'm pretty sure she would have been IN the round bale...

    1. She would sleep in front of it. Seriously, she never left that thing.

  7. You guys are such an interesting and fun pair to follow, thanks for letting us ride along on your goals. :-) Whether you completed them or not, you had a great 2013!

  8. Goals? Ooops LOL, with all the human stuff, kinda put horse goals on the back burner SIGH You more than made up for my lack of gettin it done though :)

  9. Sounds like a pretty positive outcome to me!

  10. Good job on your goals. I've never been able to meet ALL of my goals, so I'm always excited when I meet even one of them. :)

  11. Looks like a jolly good job and all those goals - especially the last one, in the end this is the important one :-)


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