Sunday, May 25, 2014

show prep

We had our first show of the season! But before we could even think about showing, we had to wash the winter off of the horses. Let's just say that getting six horses ready for a show is no small ordeal.

Jaime gave the big guys their first washing earlier in the week. When I got to the barn Thursday, I got to work on Shyloh's tail of nastiness. I used Goop, which works wonders to get stains out and it is cheap. Score! 

It looked like Shy had been rubbing her hives on the trees, so they were scabby. Yuck. But her hair was still there, so that was good.
Tail bagged to keep clean. 
I took Friday off work to be able to get everything done that needed to be done. Vet visit. . .check. Shy is doing just fine. Then off to pick up a cart for Terry and Reba. Once we got to the meet up place, we quickly found out that the cart didn't quite fit in Terry's truck. Good thing for ratchet straps!
We can do it!
Once we got back to the barn, the washing began. My Mrs. Conn's sponges arrived in time so I could test one out. 
I was really surprised how much soap was in the sponge! I was able to wash all of Shy with the one sponge and it smelled really nice and lemony. The sponge really took away the winter of dirt, grime, mud, being in heat, and every other thing that Shy managed to collect on her. Once she was dry, it was nice to be able to pat my pony without a cloud of dust rising up from her. I have another sponge, they are something I would order again for sure. 

Shy doesn't mind a body washing, but she is less than pleased with a face and forelock washing. 

Even less so when I style it for my amusement. . . 
Terry was getting to work on Reba's feather, trying to get them to white again. She had many products and a plan. It worked pretty well! Jaime and Kyle got Notch, Clutch, and Isaac bathed and ready for showtime! Terry's friend, Michele, and Noah washed Meatball who was wishing death upon anyone that touched him. 

Now, to keep the horses clean from all the hard work. . .sleazy time!

We even packed the trailer ahead of time! Bonus!

Show details to come. . .I took a grand total of three photos myself, so I have to wait for other people to share their photos. But it was a good show for everyone!


  1. The face pictures cracked me up. Her expression is the same in both!

  2. I torture my mare's by giving them silly hairstyles too! Love it!

  3. I'm really happy I wasn't sippin' on a beverage when I saw the unicorn most certainly would have been spewed everywhere.

  4. Haha, I love that unicorn picture! One of the pros of having a horse with a good forelock is all of the hairstyle possibilities. :)


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