Friday, May 2, 2014

slightly dirty pony gets clean

This week I attended a work conference in my favorite place, Traverse City. 

The bay
So, Shyloh was on her own for a while (with Jaime's help of course).  Shy wasted no time getting herself nice and dirty for me, which I find odd. . . Until recently, Shy is a pretty clean horse. She is not a mud roller and won't nap in mud or poop. But lately, she has had mud on her back, neck, face. . .places where I usually don't find mud on her. 
Not a lot, but more than usual. I still consider myself lucky that this is the worst.
But I cleaned her up all nice and pretty. And since I had time and the weather was nice-ish, I washed her tail to get it ready for the clinic this weekend. I also used the Trophy Line Mane-ly Long conditioner and polisher I bought at Equine Affaire. That stuff is great! 
Since it had been all winter that Shy has not had running water on her, she acted like it was hot lava running out of the hose to burn her, which consisted of trying to run quickly step away from the water's reach. She quickly realized that it wasn't going to hurt her and behaved herself so I could wash the mud off of her legs before I started on the tail. Horses. . .
What is this? Why are you washing my tail?? Show season!!!
I brought Shy back to the round pen and made her look pretty and fussed over her for a bit. I think she secretly likes that.
Even put in a ribbon
Then I tied a lead rope to her halter and hopped up on her. Well, actually, she kept walking to the mounting block, I swear she was saying let's go for a ride! We putzed around the round pen. I laid over her neck and Shy took a little snooze. Then we walked around some more. She kept pointing herself to the door, I think she wanted to go out. Maybe soon, pony, maybe soon. 
Pointing out
It must have been when I was laying on her that I picked up a tick. Yes, they are back. Ugh. Me and Jaime released the chickens hoping that they will gobble some up and leave less for us to worry about. Whitney Houston continues to grow! 
Good chicken, all signs are pointing towards hen!
And the Bantams that Jaime has have started laying mini eggs!

This weekend will be busy with the clinic and raffle. Fun times ahead!


  1. Looking good minus the mud pack Shy! Have a great weekend :-)

  2. Ugh! I hate ticks!

    Hope you have a great clinic and everything runs smoothly!

  3. Yaaay for bathing and clean ponies!!

  4. Mini eggs, minions, what's going on there? Everything is so small, well except for what's really big. Hope you and Shy get out in the open soon.

    1. After having drafts, I think Jaime realizes that the minis are so much easier to take care of! She still loves her big guys, though.


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