Monday, July 28, 2014

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Wow, I have been so lazy on the horse front. But between the storms and the trip over the weekend, that hasn't left much time to do anything. 

Thursday, Terry and me brought the kids out to the barn. Tommy broke his arm (not in any way horse or barn related) and just got a cast on earlier in the day. Of course, he picked John Deere green because he is a little cowboy farmer. As soon as he climbed in Terry's truck, he said, I can still ride horses, Tutu. He is determined not to let a broken arm slow him down!
Yup, we still put kids with broken arms to work!
Saturday, me, Jaime, Terry, and Kyle took a trip to Shipsewana, Indiana. Jaime got a brand new, gorgeous, fancy show cart. I cannot wait to see her hook it up behind Isaac. They are going to look awesome!

We did some Amish eating and checked out the Troyer saddlery. Then we played in a marathon cart while we were down there. When we got home, me and Terry got Jaime hooked to Orange is the New Black. Yes!!

Sunday, it stormed. And then it stormed some more. My car was getting fixed (because it decided to break down Friday night) and Kyle was discovering more problems with it as he was fixing it. Great . . .' But he fixed it and I am so grateful!

But at least the storms cooled the temps down because it was so stifling hot! Between down pours, the minions got an energy boost from the cool weather. They were running, and rearing, and playing, and just being cute. Shyloh ignored them for a while, then she got fed up with them and did a backing up, ears pinned, squealing kick. When that didn't she decided to join the fun for a quick minute, hopping up and down with them and tossing her head and running at them. 

The heat right before the rains came
Noah decided to use the mud/poop puddles (luckily, Terry and I had cleaned the pastures the day before) as a slip and slide.  He had a blast!

This week is fair week! Jaime, Kyle, and Terry are showing draft and I am watching and helping. I am also driving Meatball in a demo. Fair week will be fun and the best part is I am only workiong two days this week! Woot!

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