Wednesday, September 14, 2011

day four and frustration

Today was very frustrating. Frustrating at work and frustrating after work. I was looking forward to going to the barn and hanging out with Shyloh and trying some new things with her. Shy was not in on this plan. . .

Chick was moved inside, so I think this really upset Shyloh. It took me a good thirty minutes to catch her today! Lately, she has been coming right up to me; today she was playing keep away. I had to go into the shelter because it started to rain. Shy kept circling the shelter and peeking in. Then she would step in and step out. If I moved, she would step away. Frustration!

Shyloh was just acting all off today. I know that I have been saying that Shy has been making tons of improvements and I have been waiting for her to hit a wall and regress a little. This could be it, or she could just be really stressed that she lost her BFF. Hopefully, Notch will be out there soon. 

I actually had a plan today, but I was on a time schedule! I was going to do some Parelli exercises, modified for us.  I am not sure how I feel about Parelli in general, but I think some of the stuff could be useful, so I am going to try it. But I did not get to them today, so I will try when I go back out. Anyway, I went to groom Shy and she had some flakes of skin coming on her neck. She has been getting flaxseed and that cleared up her dry skin, so this concerned me and it was only on one side of her neck. I asked Beth to look at it and she said it was a fungus, probably from all the rain. I put some Fung-a-way on it, but still, frustration!

On top  of that, the barn owner, Beth said that Shyloh has been very rude to her, especially during feeding time. Shy had to be brought inside for a little bit yesterday because an extra gate was being put in her paddock. Beth said that she went to go get Shy and Shy backed up and turned her butt towards her. Apparently, she was also doing this when Chick was getting his grain, as in a statement of I will do anything for grain. Why is my horse acting like this? She does not do that for me, but then, I don't feed her. I definitely do not want a horse who thinks she can be rude! Frustration!

And the kicker. . .I was taking Shy her hay. I wanted to walk it out to the shelter so Shy could eat it without the hay or her getting wet. She was so excited for her dinner! She trotted next to me, never invading my space, and did some little hops. She was also doing her head tossing. She must have tossed her head hard as she was making a little circle at the trot, and slipped and almost fell over in the mud! I can laugh about it now, because she did not get hurt and it was a sight, but at the time, it was scary! I think it startled her because she stopped it right away.

At least my husband cooked an awesome dinner!

Seven Wants! Easy, because I want a lot!

Want 1 - To be able to ride Shyloh bareback. I just want to hop up on her and ride off into the sunset!

Want 2 - To own a house on some acreage, with a creek flowing through, a barn, a pasture, and some woods. Sweet bliss!

Want 3 - To have no more debt and no more student loans! I guess I could deal with a mortgage and a car payment, but credit cards and student loans need to go away!

Want 4 - To finish my Master's degree. I have one year left, but that year includes a 500 hour internship, which I am not looking forward to doing. So I went on a "break." I already completed a 400 hour internship for this degree, and it was not easy to do that, go to class, and work full time. . .and I did not own a horse then! 

Want 5 - To visit every state in America. Mike and I plan to do this in our retirement in the giant RV we do not have. Except Hawaii, we will have to fly there. Unless we get that RV that turns into a boat that I saw on the Travel Channel.

Want 6 - To be able to read like Johnny 5 from Short Circuit (hey. . .I am a child of the 80's!) Imagine all the stuff I could read if I read at that speed!

Want 7 - For all my family, friends, and animals to be happy and healthy! Really.


  1. Probably upset with her buddy being MIA. Take a stick or at least a lead rope to twirl when you're feeding. Last thing you want is to be knocked about. Camryn has to stand back while I hang her bag. If she comes in before I give permission she gets to do a few laps. She stands back nicely 99% of the time. And she's not allowed to give me I'm mad ears.

  2. She is doing much better now, it just took her a few days to adjust.
    I do not feed her on a regular basis, the barn owner or a boarder who is working that day does.


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