Saturday, September 24, 2011

supplement update

Shyloh has been on her supplements for a little over a month now. She is taking B1, Magnesium, and Red Raspberry Leaf. I think they are working, I mean, Shy had a child on her bare back! She has not been spooky, either, she actually seems quite calm.

Nom nom. Shy loved her supplements!
The other day we were in the grooming stall and a broom fell behind us (Thanks Baby Bob for continuously kicking the stall). Shy did not even flinch! I did, though, I was not expecting it at all. Today when I was bringing her inside, she walked over a tarp with no problem! We have not done any tarp work at all and I was very surprised that she did it. There was a tarp over an area in front of the entrance to the barn that is being worked on. I thought, well, I will try to bring her in over this tarp, through the dug out land, and around this pile of pea gravel. I figured, if she balked, we would just walk around and I would work with her later with a tarp. To my astonishment, she walked right through! 

If Shy does anything, it is more of a flinch than a spook. Shyloh has actually been very calm and cooperative with me! I am so proud of her! Today, she walked right up to me in her paddock and let me hug her without pulling away at all! It may be that she wanted to get out of the paddock so bad because she is not impressed with her new roommate. They do not hate each other, but they are not close friends. Caesar was upset that Shy got to leave out (even though he was out earlier) and he kicked her, right in the same spot that she hit the nail. She also seemed a little sore on her read end, so I think he got her a few other times, too. 

I was not able to do what I wanted today with Shy, so tomorrow we will work on it. But it was for good reason! We had a get together at our barn with people from there and people from our old barn. We honored Kathy with some beautiful framed pictures of Captain Morgan and a card. Mike brought pizza for everyone. Kathy was so surprised and grateful!  We miss the Captain!

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  1. It is good that you have time to work with her. She is a beauty.


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