Friday, September 30, 2011

vet check

Shyloh had her fall visit with the veterinarian today. She is as healthy as a . . .horse (sorry, I couldn't resist being corny). She was perfect (almost) in the cross ties while the vet checked her out. The only bump was when the vet was trying to touch her teats and Shy tried to cow kick her. The vet said it was a natural reaction, because we are not nursing so we have no logical reason (to her) to be there. Her advice was to make sure my hands are warm and use warm water and eventually Shy will appreciate a good teat cleaning.

Shyloh was a filthy mess! She was covered from head to hoof in mud. I am so sick of rain and mud. Fall is my favorite season, but this year the weather seems to have gone from scorching hot to rain to cold. 

I let Shy run around the arena with Forseti. They walked in circles a lot, stood by the door together, played with cones, rolled, and got into some kind of horsey mischief when no one was looking. They had a grand old time! I got them galloping around the arena together, too, it was beautiful!
Forseti and Shy love to walk around side by side
Synchronized rolling
Not sure what they were up to at one point. . .but I did not leave the arena like this!
More walking
Then, for some unknown reason on my part, I groomed her. Shy was just going back outside into her mud pit. But I think she enjoyed it. 

I will be spending the rest of the night cleaning my boots! They need it!

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