Friday, September 23, 2011

social butterfly?

Maybe, but not quite yet. Shyloh had a very social day with horses, dogs, cats, and people. And she was amazing, yet again! 

First, she had a  new farrier come out to assess her hooves. He said that she had great feet and she was quite pleasant in the cross ties. I was quite impressed with her not being spooky while he moved the foot stand thing all around her. I was very happy with him, so Shyloh has a new farrier! He does barefoot, so it is perfect.

I put Shyloh in the arena for a few hours to dry off, it was raining again. . . I told Robin that she should bring Ryleigh in the arena, too, and him and Shy can meet each other (not over a fence) and play. She was a little apprehensive, but Kathy helped.
We HAVE to do this again!
Follow the leader!
Holy cow! Shyloh and Ryleigh were awesome together! They followed each other around, sniffed each other, groomed each other, and were just so great together. Ryleigh took in a big sniff of her "scent", and Shy kept sniffing his male parts. It was love!

Awwww! She is quite the mare of the barn!
They like long walks on the beach. . .in the sand. . .
At one point, Ryleigh grabbed a cone (he loves cones), which had a lunge whip sticking out of it. Shy was interested in what he was doing, so she went to check it out. Inadvertently, Ryleigh kept hitting Shy with the whip, under the belly, on the legs, in the face. . .and she did not care one bit! She was not afraid of the whip at all! She even tried to grab it from Ryleigh a few times. 
What kind of trouble and we get into together?
Playing together
Then Terry came to the barn and brought her dog, Addie. Ryleigh, Addie, and Shyloh played in the arena for a bit, then Robin took Ryleigh out to be groomed. So Terry brought in Resy. 

Pow wow in the middle of the arena
Resy and Shyloh

Including me, there were five people in the arena. Shy would go up to people, let them touch her, and not run away! It was quite a difference from a month ago! She is learning to trust others, too! 

Going right up to Rob while he is playing Angry Birds
I am teaching Shy a trick, how to wave her foot. I have been taking a dressage crop and tapping her leg so that she lifts it, then giving her a treat. She caught on really quick! After a few times, I did not even have to tap her leg more, I waved my hand, said wave, and she would lift her foot. This is only step one. Step two involved stretching her leg forward, which I will work on tomorrow. Shyloh is so food motivated, that she began lifting her foot for me, when she wanted a treat, even when I did not ask her! Smart girl!! But what have I gotten myself into?

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