Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the interrogation

So, last night I got a message from Beth. this is what the message said:

     Shyloh is the new escape artist! I came out to feed and she was behind the barn eating grass. . .She broke a small board by the stock tank n squeezed through under the fence. LOL! Put an extra board back up just in case she tries it again. . . It should hold her :-)

I told Beth that it was good that they were able to catch her, considering her catching difficulty! She replied:

     It's all good. . .She's ok n didn't run from us. Poor Caesar was still in the pasture cuz he couldn't fit under the board that was still up. . . He was looking at me n calling to shy, like wth. . . I wanna go too!

Shortly after, I got another message from Sandy:

     Your little girl got out tonite. She broke through the fence somehow. We found her in the back eating grass. She saw us coming and went into the fenced pasture that Bob uses. I caught her with some grain.

Remember the other day when I mentioned that Shyloh was getting comfortable in her new home? Yup, she is comfortable alright! I later learned that she went to graze near Chick. She must miss him!

When I got the barn, I had a little conversation with her when I brought her inside about her behaviors. I put her in the cross ties and interrogated her. . .It went like this:

So, how was your day yesterday?

Just fine? Hmmm. . .do anything fun? New? Exciting?

No? Cause I got a message from Beth and Sandy. . .so, you didn't escape?

Oh, it wasn't an escape? Tell me about the fence then. . .why is it reinforced now?

Oh, really? So you think breaking stuff is the way to go about getting things you want, like grass?

Wow, okay. . .explain this gash on your side?

You hit a nail as you were ducking through the fence? This is what happens when you do things you are not supposed to do!

I know! So, are you going to do it again?

Needless to say. . .I did not get the answers I was looking for from Shyloh. . .


  1. Mums the word. She ain't fessin' up!

    Fun post!!

  2. Ahh, but the eyes in the last shot say it all, "Guilty as charged!"

  3. This made me laugh so hard! :) Sassy, sneaky pony!

  4. yeah. . .I have a feeling that she may attempt "jail (paddock?) break again. . .

  5. Reminds me of when Camryn first moved here. Hubby is getting coffee in the kitchen when he casually mentions "the horse is in the yard". Yup she'd watched me latch the gate!!! I take it you weren 't warned about Halflinger and Houdini being related???

  6. Susan - Camryn is so smart!
    I was warned, the Haflinger I leased before I bought Shy was an escape artist. She broke out of her stall in the middle of the night and ransacked the barn!
    I thought maybe Shy did not have the Houdini gene, lol!

  7. aww, your horse is so adorable,
    It was fun reading this :)


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