Monday, September 26, 2011

monday musings by shyloh #4

Ouch. . .Caesar is beating me up. But that is because I am trying to get his grain. Have I ever mentioned that I love grain? Why don't I get any? It is so good! But, what the lady doesn't know is that I get Caesar back! Ha!
You should see the other guy!
I must be turning into a sea horse! My paddock is flooded! It is raining, raining, raining! So much mud! But I don't mind. The lady comes and takes me inside, cleans me off, then puts me on dry land inside. And then I roll! Hey, a girl can't stay clean for too long, right? 

The lady does the craziest things! I don't get the purpose and she probably does not have one. Today, on the wall, there was a blue tarp. Never seen that before. I went up to it and sniffed it. But then the crazy lady wrapped it around herself and tried to walk toward me. Well, I was having none of that, so I ran away. But then the lady held out a treat. Food! How could I resist! So, I stopped and let the lady come up to me. I was a little scared, but that blue thing didn't do much except make funny noises. So in response, I made my thinking noise. 

The lady started touch me all over with the blue thing. I let her. It was not too bad, I guess.  She put it on my back, like a cape so I was Super Shyloh!! 
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super Shyloh!!
And she put it over my head.
Why does she do this to me?
Crazy even put it over her own head! Notice how she did not add the picture of that. . .hmmm?
Gotta check it out
After I felt comfortable that the blue tarp was not a mountain lion in disguise, the lady put it on the ground. We circled around it a few times each way. Before I knew it, she was asking me to walk on it! What? I did my best to try and walk around it. I was getting the same result, right, getting closer to the lady. But that was not good enough. She wanted me to walk ON it. I had to make a thinking noise over this. . .Okay, I put my front foot on the blue thing. Nothing terribly bad happened. So, I walked over it. And I did it again. And again. And then we trotted over it a bunch of times. It was actually kind of fun! I got lots of praise and treats and pets for doing such a simple thing.
It's all good
Look! I conquered the tarp!
The lady decided to take a break and let me roam around the inside. It seems that when she trots, she gets tired. It must be that only having two legs thing. Much harder to move around. While I was doing some exploring, I came across the cones. I seem to remember Ryleigh (sigh, <3) playing with these. I never thought to play with them before! I checked these cones out. Pretty interesting. Then the lady moved some out of the corner for me. Fun! Then she put a scary whip in the cones, just like when Ryleigh was playing with the other day! The whip is not so scary when I have control over it! See what I can do!

I got some granola and apple for being such a good and brave girl today. And I did not bite! On the way back to my paddock, I saw some flakes of hay just sitting there, not being eaten. What's a girl to do but to grab a whole flake as we walked by? Like I said, I am a hungry girl! I did get that hay taken from me, but later learned that it was my dinner hay, anyway! When I got back outside, I was given my dinner. What difference does it make if I eat it on the go or in my shelter? None, I say!

I think I had a good day with the lady today. Now only if the rain would stop. . .



  1. Camryn here:
    K, now you got to pick up the cone, walk over to your human and give it to her. I guarentee a treat. If you put the cone in a bucket you'll get more than one treat fur sure.

  2. Good idea! Camryn, how would I go about teaching Shy that?

  3. Thanks very much for your blog visit to mine Amish Stories. And even though I'm not a horse owner i think they are beautiful animals who are smart and have their own personalities. Richard from Amish Stories.

  4. Awwww she's adorable! Good for you for taking on a mare with opinions:) I understand Haflingers are amazing horses (don't call them ponies, I learned that!) who give their all to you once you earn their trust and respect. I can't wait to read more:)

  5. Thanks Sarah! Her personality is really starting to show!


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