Monday, September 12, 2011

day two and my horse continues to be a thief. . .to her detriment

Bad new. . .because Shyloh continues to steal Chick's grain (and he just lets her), it looks like he is going to go back inside the barn. The grain is not good for Shyloh and it has Chick's supplements in it, which he needs.  I am really upset about my grain thief, she is relentless! But, as soon as the barn owner gets the back pasture put up and a fence in the back, Notch will be joining Shyloh!

WANTED: Grain Thief
Muddy paddock, big nostrils and why are Shy's eyes always half closed in pictures? 
Notch is a big, beautiful, black Percheron. I think he is 17 hands. . .to Shy's 13.3 hands! So, the biggest horse in the barn and the smallest horse in the barn will be together. Cross my fingers that it goes well! But he is usually pasture boarded and he likes mares, so it should be fine. . .right?

Me and Shy and her glowing eyes
Tomorrow is the big day! I feel like a kid at Christmas! I probably will not be able to sleep tonight or concentrate at work tomorrow. I think this surprise is going to be a real good experience! And I am tired of not having a plan with Shyloh. Today, we did not do much of anything. The paddock is still muddy and the grooming stalls were taken up by a farrier that was out shoeing horses. I really need a plan of action. First I think I really need to identify some attainable goals. I may have to work on that. . .

Nine Loves

Lets see, we can get the obvious out of the way. . .

Love 1 - Mike, the husband. My wonderful husband who surprises me out at the barn on occasion (like today) and puts up with pretty much everything I throw at him. I couldn't ask for a better person to spend my life with. Plus, he cooks (like he is doing now) and I don't! Yum, spaghetti! 

Love 2 - Cooper. My old man dog. We rescued him from a shelter seven years ago and he has been a blessing every day. And he can keep  up with the young one, he is quite spry for his age. He is truly a perfect dog. 

Love 3 - Maggie. My three year old black tornado from the hood. She was found on a busy freeway in a bad part of Detroit (are there good parts, you may be asking?) by a foster parent when I used to work at an agency. We took her in when she was about three months. She has been quite the challenge, but who can resist it when she attacks you with love? Not me. . .not Mike.

Love 4 - Shyloh. If you read this blog, you already know all about her! She amazes me every day!

Love 5 - Reading. I will read pretty much anything. I just love to read. For fun, for information, for whatever.

Love 6 - Nature/Being Outdoors.  This is a view from the top of Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes in Northern Michigan. I love it here. So Beautiful. I love walking through the parks, kayaking, bike riding, and camping. 

Love 7 - Relaxing days at home on the couch. What is better than a day just relaxing on the couch with the dogs, watching Law and Order and movies? Not a darn thing!

Love 8 - Being on a boat/kayak. This is two-fold. I love being on a boat. I love being in the water. Nothing beats relaxing on a boat, fishing, or cruising in the water on a tube. I also love this band. One guy is from Saturday Night Live. The are kind of raunchy, but hilarious.

Love 9 - Traverse City, Michigan. The most beautiful place on earth. This city encompasses almost everything that I love. Outdoors, my favorite lake, Lake Michigan, dog friendly, camping, boating, cherries, and so much more! There is a casino nearby if you like to gamble, it is very rural outside the city limits. It has the best ice cream shop ever. The sand dunes are close. The views are breath taking. If you ever have the chance to go, I highly recommend it.


  1. I think Shy is hungry!!!! I hope she and Notch work out well together. She is cute in pictures - eyes half closed or not!

  2. If it were up to Shy, she would eat until she exploded! She is a Haflinger. . .I have not found anything she won't eat yet.

  3. The thought of making plans gives me hives! I know that it really helps to know where you are going so you know when you get there. But... it just makes my head hurt. I hated that part of my job - bleech!
    Good luck.
    I enjoy your top 9 loves!

  4. Thanks dreaming! I work best with a plan! Right now I feel kind of stuck. I have to pick a direction that I want to go with Shy, I am just not sure what direction that is right now.

  5. A solution to grain stealing is to use feed bags to feed the horses - no one can steal and each horse can take their time eating. Not hard to do either - just put the feed in each feedbag, carry out and put on the horses and wait a few minutes and remove the bags - all done! Melissa at Paradigm Farms feeds all their horses (about 60 I think) this way.

  6. Kate, that is a good idea! I will bring that up with the barn owner and Chick's owner!


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