Monday, September 19, 2011

monday musings #3 and day nine

The rain is back! 

I have been having a good ole time. . .I am getting comfortable in my new home. I was so upset last week since Chick was moved, that I couldn't even write, but yesterday I got a new friend! Caesar! He is a big boy and he likes to get dirty. Don't get me wrong, any time the lady tried to beautify me, I do my best to reverse it; but Caesar likes to get very dirty! 

And I have learned my lessons with horses past. . .I will not let him bully me! So I have been showing Caesar who is boss. Earlier, the foot guy came to give him a pedicure and I was not about to let him go out the gate without me! I tried to tell him that he better stay, I even pinned my ears and everything, but the barn lady still took him. But Caesar came back. I still won't let him on my side of the shelter yet. I barely know him and it is too early for that much intimacy. 

Nom nom nom
The treat dude came to visit me today! I love it when he comes to the barn! I got so many treats today. I even got some new treats from another lady who is always at the barn. Treats are so good!

Today, the lady took me inside and cleaned out my feet. I wonder if she has given up on brushing me, because I keep letting her know that it is pointless. Next she took me to the big indoor sand pit. I'm not sure what she wanted, so I hung out by the treat dude. But then she made me trot around for a little bit. After that, she made be go up the the thing that makes her tall. It is getting less scary. I go up almost all the way now and she asks me to get closer and closer, so I do. But sometime, if I get too scared, I move my butt away. So, after a few times when I did really good, we stopped. The lady does this crazy thing where she jumps off the block. At first I was scared, I didn't know if she was going to jump on my back or what! But now I know she won't, so it does not bother me.

Sticking my tongue out
I did not get any grass today. . .I have been getting grass in a pasture all to myself for the last few days! I loved it, plus all the boys really like me. And I like the attention. I just have to wiggle my rump a bit and it drives them wild! 

When the lady took me back outside, her and the treat dude were watching me. Caesar was getting too involved, so I bit his butt and told him to get moving. Then I shook the gate with my teeth. I wanted more treats from the dude! But he left and the lady went back inside. Then she came out with dinner! I was so excited! I trotted next to her (as much as I could in the mud) and at the same time I was telling Caesar that he better stay away from my dinner. I think the lady was going to put the hay in the shelter to be out of the mud and rain (she is a nice lady), but Caesar went up behind her and pulled it out of her hands! Ha! I don't care if my hay is muddy! I will still eat it up!

Muddy Caesar and me!
I think I like the lady more every day. I don't think she will hurt me. I keep testing her, though, just to be sure. I go in her space, I bit her feet, I paw the ground, I refuse to move, and I am hard to catch. She really does not put up with my shenanigans and lets me know, but not in a hurtful way. I will keep trying to find her limit though, just to make sure that she is a great as I think she might be. . .

Two Songs.

Song 1 - First Date by Blink 182
Blink 182 is my all time favorite band. And on our first re-date, my husband sang this song to me! This band is fun and goofy and has really upbeat music.

Song 2 - Kandi by One eskimO
I like this song, but really, I like the video! It is so cute!


  1. Camryn here:
    I'm impressed with how well your doing with training your human. Not just one human either, training multiple all at the same time!!! You go gurl

  2. Thanks Camryn! The dogs taught me how to train for success!


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